Mar 7, 2011

It's almost time!!!

Hey guys! The grand opening of the Dowdy Studio Wagon is just days away. We have excitement pumping through our veins as we gear up for the big reveal on Saturday, March 12th at the Gypsy Wagon!

We hope you will come and join us! The festivities start at 10am in front of the Gypsy Wagon. Come early and grab one of our Dowdy Studio Grand Opening tees. We'll be handing these out for free to whoever gets to them first. We have a limited supply, so once we run out, we're sorry.
However, there will be no shortage of tees for sale in the Wagon. Along with wooden jewelry, art prints and silk screened bags, we've got you covered. Check out some of the goodies we'll have here. Also, ladies - we're stocking up with new ladies tees!! You've asked, begged and wished for this, and we've made it happen.

-Pamela + Dylan

See more of the making of the Wagon:

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