Aug 31, 2011

We Are 1976 stops by the studio

Last week our buddy Derek, from We Are 1976, swung by the studio to hang out and get some action shots of us doing our thang. 

We Are 1976 is a great Dallas shop, that we just can't stop saying good things about. It's run by 3 awesome chaps, Vynsie, Jully and Derek. They hunt all things artsy cool and bring them back to there shop, where you can get your hands on them. If you haven't gone by their shop, dooooo it! Among all the awesome finds in their shop, you'll also see our tees and clocks.

Derek got a sweet action shot of Dylan printing one of our ladies v neck Guitar Rootings tee.

He also found our stash of freshly screenprinted coasters.

See more of the action shots and discoveries Derek made in our Studio from the We Are 1976 blog, here.

Aug 30, 2011

Weekend Recap - The Dustbowl Arts Market

This past weekend we packed up the Wagon and drove 3 hours north to Norman, Oklahoma, the home of the OU Sooners and the Dustbowl Arts Market. We had a great time hanging out with some awesome artists, listening to some great local bands play, and meeting lots of really cool folks.

This was where we parked our Wagon on Campus Corner. The alley across the street has some great graffiti and painted art which was great for getting this shot. We posted more pics of the fun street art on our Facebook page. Check it out.

Our new wooden wall clocks made their first debut. We were happy to send them off to their new loving homes in Oklahoma.

The night before we left we made this giant sandwich board sign to welcome friends into the Wagon. We learned once we set up, that we accidentally painted the arrow on the wrong direction....oops! So we had to improvise with some chalk at the last minute. Everything worked out :)

The Dustbowl was so much fun, and we look forward to traveling back to Oklahoma again soon. While we were away, we received news that we'll be coming back November 4-5 for the Girlie Show in Oklahoma City. We're mega excited!!! We hope you'll come party with us at the Girlie Show! We heart you Oklahoma!!

-Dylan + Pamela

Aug 23, 2011

He Likes/She likes - sounds from the studio

Since we've been in the studio a ton lately, we thought we'd share with you our top songs good for creating studio endurance, aiding in creativity and fun to dance around to on arty breaks. We want to know what your go to studio music is. What do you listen to that pumps you up while creating art, cleaning the house, getting ready for an night out? 

Rubik - Sun's Eyes - from the album Solar

Aug 22, 2011

The Wagon is Back!!

Our Wagon vacation comes to an end and it's now time to hit the road and visit the fun town of Norman Oklahoma for the Dustobowl Arts Market. This will be our second Dustbowl Arts market to attend, we went to the very first one, and had a hella good time, so we're thrilled to make it back again and this time with the Wagon in tow!! yay!

Sat Aug 27
Campus Corner in Norman, Oklahoma
more info: click here and here

Aug 21, 2011

Challenge accepted!

When we see a challenge sometimes it's hard to resist accepting it. This was the case this morning when we saw Etsy Dallas' tweet offering up a MacGyver type challenge from midnight Saturday night. 

After a brief rummage throughout the studio, we realized two things: 1. we don't have a single newspaper on hand, and 2. someone must have broken in and stolen all our paperclips. Since the paperclip bandit could not be tracked down, we decided to improvise and secured the dental floss, two hair pins, and a paper towel. Close enough right? Well we hope so. We hope our improvisation wont get us disqualified from the challenge.

We busted out the scissors and got to chopping up the paper towel. We weren't sure what we were really going to do, but we pulled through. About 5 minutes later this little guys emerged from the rubble.

We submitted our challenge photo to Etsy Dallas, and with fingers crossed are waiting to hear the outcome. Fortunately, we snapped this photo right before our cats learned of our plan to submit it. I don't know if it was the bird, the fact that the ceiling fan was fluttering the paper towel or their plan to sabotage our efforts, but they had a little party of fun ripping it to shreds. So bye bye birdie. We'll miss you.  

Feeling inspired??? We'd love to see your version of this challenge too!! Send your pics to Etsy Dallas' twitter

-Pamela + Dylan

Aug 18, 2011

New ladies tees at WE ARE 1976

Today we took a batch of our super soft lady tees up to our favorite fun Dallas shop, We Are 1976.

If you're looking for cool, these guys have it. not only do they sell items from amazing local artists, but they often scour the globe to find the coolest of the cool to bring back to Dallas and sell in their awesome shop.

Check 'em out here: 


swing by in person: 1902 N Henderson, Dallas, TX


A while back, we were asked by sweetheart, Summer, the gal behind the blog, to help her with an idea she had for a tattoo. Oh course we said YES!! We love inky skin! You may remember Summer from a print giveaway we did earlier in the year on her blog.

True Fact: Pamela doesn't have a single tattoo. Not because she hates them or thinks they're made of mystical evil voodoo, but because she could never settle on a single design or idea. As much as her mind changes, she might as well wait for them to invent disappearing computer chipped tattoo ink that erases whenever you decide you wanted something different.

Picture from, Athena in the Middle:

Summer's tattoo design was a fun project. She loved our Mer-Jack design and felt it was a good start to a design that could symbolize her father who worked on the sea. We renamed him appropriately the Mer Dad, and gave him his own papa charm. So this is what we came up with.

LinkPicture from, Athena in the Middle:

This is our first tattoo design to do, and we are so happy with how it turned out. Thanks Summer for letting us ink up your arm and making a really cool design for you that will be with you forever!

Read Summer's blog post about her tattoo here.

-Pamela + Dylan

Aug 17, 2011

PIllow Party!!!

Here at the Dowdy Studio, we've been busy making all kinds of new goodies. One of our oldest newest goodies are these handmade silkscreened pillows. We debuted them at the Spring Bash back in May, sold out, then made a bunch more because you guys liked them so much. So here's the whole crew. We've glammed them up and had them pose it out as we held a photo shoot this week. All so these cuddlable fellas and ladies could make their grand appearance in our online shop.

We'll not only have them on Etsy, but in the Dowdy Wagon everywhere we go. Since they are made one at a time, it's possible the one you love might be *gasp* gone, but have no fear.....we make them, so we'll make you a new one!

Aug 14, 2011

LA weekend trip recap

Last weekend we took a little skip outta town to the lovely city of Los Angeles. The trip was brief, but we got to spend some quality time with some LA family, and see some sights, but mainly just chill. We mean literally, chill - it was 75 degrees in the heat of the day, which was a delightful from the hundred and death degree weather Dallas was experiencing.  

We hit up the airport bar, and bookstore before our plane shot off into outer space, and picked up a little fun read for the ride. This book was hilarious, and I (Pamela) found myself bursting out laughing on the plane ride, then realizing that the plane was dead quiet....I'm sure stopping at the airport bar beforehand didn't help, but hey, it was good times. I challenge you to try it 

Once in LA and well fed, we decided to grab some coffee and head on out to a little shopping area called Abbot Kinney, and we squealed with excitement when we saw these two planter heads. If you follow us on Pinterest, you'll know that we've had a mega head crush on these guys for a awhile. Seeing them in person, was like seeing a big time celebrity movie star, but we just didn't have the guts to get an autograph. 

Then we met a new crush, the Stronghold Steve. Hottie! 

The next evening, we hit up a brat place in the artsy part of downtown. Naturally, we waited an hour and a half just to get in the door. We were reassured that waiting that long wasn't that bad because the place was so good. We found that to be true. 

Across the street was a giant brewery and art gallery....AWESOME!

Somewhere in the weekend we saw palm trees! 

 And the beach! It was cold. 

 So we went to go warm up on Venice Beach with a couple brews and enjoyed the scenery. 

Our last day we went to the Teen Choice Awards, and sat really really close to the stage and played the "who's dat celebrity?" game. You could tell how famous someone was by how many teenage girls screamed at once. Justing Bieber totally won that game.

This is Universal Studios...or a part of it. I think. We walked through it to get to the Teen Choice Awards. This picture isn't really that exciting....we just didn't want to waste it. But right after we took this picture, we witnessed a crazy drunken spring break type Universal Studios.....on a 4pm in the afternoon...yah, by that big tilted globe thing...that was crazy. 

We're happy to be back home and back in the studio making stuff. Plus, we think a teeny bit of the LA weather followed us home!! yay!! We have lots of fun exciting things coming up, and we can't wait to tell ya about them

Cheers for now,
-Pamela + Dylan

Aug 10, 2011

He likes/She likes: featuring Etsy Dallas Members

One of the greatest things about being in a group of 50 local artists is that there's always really really cool handmade items to see. He's some of the one's we're dig'n today from Etsy Dallas:

Recycled drum seat by ReGEARED

The Jackalope print by ChetArt

Bacon Periodic Table Element pillow by Yellow Bug Boutique

New zipper pouches by BUTTER

New tea towels by beethings

Crochet teacup by Sheepish Knit Crochet

Aug 2, 2011

Sneak peek y'all

Just working on the Jingle Bash art for the printed flyers today. This is your sneak peek. Next we get to print the Bash Bags and volunteer tees. Much fun ahead!

-Dylan + Pamela

Aug 1, 2011

Kitty fort headgear is the shizzzz!

Remember when we created Kitty Fort for Chester, the intern, and Lulu? Well, I betcha didn't know that Kitty Fort was a mobil operation. Yah, totally! It's in fact a traveling headgear with kitty lodging. We took this cardboard mobile cat extravaganza on the road and took a few shots of it by the Wagon.


I dunno, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Just enjoy it. We did.

Chester steers the mobile Kitty Fort

 Chester realized that Kitty Fort is kind of a waste of time and tried to jump ship. He's smart, but sometimes an extreme party pooper.