Mar 9, 2011

Getting Ready - Part Dos!

This is just a few shots form Dylan's day today. He was (and still is) in the studio printing tees, and bags for the Grand Opening this Saturday. So here's a quick peek at Dylan's tee making extravaganza.

Silkscreening is tough to master and even tougher to explain, so let's try shall we. First step, put a shirt on you tee board.

Second Step: Maneuver oxymoron future robot looking machine from the Middle Ages over shirt. This is where the magic 3 back flips, spin in counter clockwise circles, touch your toes, shout " and jump really high in the air. Now the key to getting this right is the last jump. If you don't jump really high, you'll anger the Middle Ages part of the machine and it'll turn into a trebuchet and fling ink at you. (maybe)

If you get that just right - BOOM! Magic screenprint action! Now do your happy dance.

Ok, so i might be fibbing a little, but we did make stuff today. Like our new YeeHaw Kitty tee. Meow ow ow!

And just a glance at maybe a quarter of Dylan's job today. Look'n good.

See you soon!
-Pamela + Dylan

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