Feb 29, 2012

Wagon weekend!

Join us this weekend for some Wagon shopping fun, along with awesome Good 2 Go Tacos and Cultivar Coffee!!! YUM + FUN = HELL YAH!

Sat + Sun, Mar 3-4
7am - 2pm

Feb 28, 2012

Just getting our hair did

After a fun Saturday in Fort Worth with the Dowdy Studio Wagon, and many many other fun weekends, we decided it was time to give the Wagon a little facelift. It's been almost one year that we've been rolling through out town in our mobile shop, and it's time to have a makeover! Just in time for the Wagon's 1st birthday!! 

We spent Sunday afternoon, taking out all of our handmade items and tees, and clearing out the Wagon. I think we found that pair of scissors we've been looking for hidden under one of the displays. Why is it that scissors are always going missing? Is it just an artist thing? We have this issue a lot. Now we know it's our shelves and displays that like to eat them.

After clearing out all the goods and heavy stuff, we gave the Wagon a super duty cleaning to make her shiny and happy, then got to painting. Since we've been staring at the same green wall for almost a year, we decided to change the colors completely and went with a striking yellow and sexy teal. These two colors paired make a great team. 

Next on the agenda is building all new displays. We've learned a few things here and there about how our space flows when it's crowded in the Wagon, and we're hoping to make it easier to shop in and pop out for everyone. We're going to widen the floorspace by building the displays higher into the walls. And you know what that means!!! More efficient dance parties!!!

Wagon Fun Saturday!

Saturday, the Dowdy Studio Wagon started the day with beer over at Rahr & Sons Brewery in Fort Worth.

They had a whole lotta beer!!

And we met a whole lotta fun awesome people!

Then we headed over to Avoca Coffee, where they serve the best coffee in Fort Worth + more really cool folks. Seriously.

Fortworthology even swung by and snapped this awesome pic of us, and made us blush.

We heart you Fort Worth, thanks for having us. We hope to be back soon!!

- Dylan + Pamela

Feb 24, 2012

Saturday in Fort Worth!

Join us as we drink unhealthy amounts of coffee and beer, and shop the Dowdy Studio Wagon. Click the calendar link  to get the deets.

-Pamela + Dylan

Feb 23, 2012

Join us this weekend!

Open Studio Hours
Fri, Feb 24
Suite G
*behind Good 2 Go and Goodfriend on Peavy Rd*
Swing by, say hi, shop and hang out. The studio will be open to the public, so bring your friends. 
We're putting out our SALE BIN too! All sale tees are $15 each and include old styles and designs, misprints, and orphan tees. 

Sat, Feb 25


Sat, Feb 25
4pm - 8pm

Feb 21, 2012

Wednesday = Rahr + Wagon

Wed, Feb 22


Join us Wednesday right after a long day at work at Rahr Brewery for a brewery tour and tasting. The Dowdy Studio Wagon will be there and open for shopping fun while you taste great local brews. Wear your Drink Local Tee, or come get one from us. It's the perfect tee to mark the occasion! 

Because it's Wednesday night, you can get a taste of some special experimental brews, like over-the-top versions of Rahr's core beers,! It's like being in the home of an artists and seeing their new work before it goes on display. We also hear Wednesdays are the best night to go if you're into smaller crowds and more elbow room. 

Wednesdays, we thought it would be fun to shine the spotlight on other creative people too - so don’t be surprised to see an artist displaying their work or an artisanal bakery handing out samples of bread made with spent grain from the brewery. We have a great opportunity to highlight an important part of the North Texas arts community and we want to make the most of it!

Famished after a long day at work? Don’t worry – we have food available during the Wednesday Tour too!
Please note that the brewery is an open-air facility, which means no air conditioning. Please dress accordingly during summer months.

We are open to the public every Wednesday from 5-7:30PM.
You’ll be asked for your ID – we card everyone. There is a $7 entrance fee for anyone over 18, but a tour of the brewery and a Rahr & Sons pint glass that holds up to three free beer samples are no charge (only guests 21 years or older get to taste the beer).

Feb 14, 2012

Dowdy all weekend

Open Studio Hours
Fri, Feb 17
*behind Good 2 Go and Goodfriend on Peavy Rd*
Swing by, say hi, shop and hang out. The studio will be open to the public, so bring your friends. 

We'll also have all our orphan tees, misprints, old styles and designs on sale for $15 exclusively during studio hours. Come get 'em!

Sat, Feb 18
 noon - 6pm

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Just a little website redesigny


Spent a little time last night redesigning the Dowdy Studio website. Click here to see the full site. We love it! What do you think?

Feb 9, 2012

Dowdy all weekend

Open Studio Hours
Fri, Feb 10
*behind Good 2 Go and Goodfriend on Peavy Rd*
Swing by, say hi, shop and hang out. The studio will be open to the public, so bring your friends. 

Sat + Sun, Feb 11-12


Sat, Feb 11
6pm - 10pm

Sun, Feb 12
7am - 3pm

New Studio Party Recap

Last Saturday we opened our new studio doors and threw down a party to celebrate moving to our new space. We really want to give a huge thanks to everyone who came out to support our studio and our work, and sling back a few beers and glasses of wine with us. We love you!!

We kicked back after working for 2 months straight on creating our studio space with some very cool folks. The Dowdy Studio Wagon welcomed in shoppers, while the Mer-Jack photo cut out partied it up like a lumberjack in a log cutting contest.

From 7-8pm Dylan opened up the Tee Bar, a first in Dowdy Studio history. The Tee Bar was a custom printing bar where partiers could order their tee just the way they like it. We debuted our new Howdy Howdy Howdy Dowdy Design and everyone got to choose their shirt color. While hanging out for your new tee, Dylan printed the shirt right before your eyes. 

Thanks again for such a fun night!! We were so happy to see so many familiar faces and had fun meeting new friends!!

We'll definitely have to do this again!!!

-Dylan + Pamela