Aug 20, 2014

Where's that Wagon?

Howdy! We're Dylan + Pamela. With our powers combined we built a handmade mobile shop, the Dowdy Studio Wagon, featuring our handmade items, like silk-screned tees, pillows, clocks, jewelry, home accessories and more. We love to travel around as much as we can, popping up shop at local DFW hot spots, concerts, events and more. Check back regularly to find out where our mobile shop will be next, and follow us on facebook for the latest news.

Fridays, noon - 3pm
See our art and where it's made, and shop the Wagon inside Dowdy Studio.

*we're behind the delicious Good 2 Go Taco & Goodfriend Beer Garden*
 Appointments welcome. Please call us 817.688.0577

 White Rock Local Market
9150 Garland Rd. Dallas (map) 

Open @ Good 2 Go Taco
1146 Peavy Rd, Dallas (map)

8am - 2pm

 Goodfriend's Party
5pm - 10pm

 Backyard Bazaar
Dowdy Studio Wagon @ Houndstooth Coffee
10am - 3pm

 Happy Holiday Hours
Open @ Good 2 Go Taco
1146 Peavy Rd, Dallas (map)

8am - 2pm


  1. So excited to get a chance to see the Dowdy Studio Wagon in person!

  2. love your guys stuff..thanks!