Aug 22, 2012

Craft Party with us!

This Friday is the 3rd Annual Etsy Craft Party put on by Etsy Dallas. Join us at Oil and Cotton this Friday night at 7pm for free crafts, fun, friends and more. Us Dowdys will be bar tending, so swing by and grab a free beer from us. 

The Craft Party will include craftivities from Oil & Cotton , an Etsy Dallas photo booth, handmade deserts from Etsy Dallas members, drinks, alcoholic beverages, raffle prizes and an appearance from two food trucks,  Gandolfo’s New York Deli  and Trailercakes cupcakes! Come meet local artists and experience the handmade scene in Dallas.

Join us and let's party!! 
Oil and Cotton
Friday, Aug 24th

Aug 17, 2012

Wagon Weekend

Join us this weekend starting today at our studio and saturday and Sunday in front of Good 2 Go Taco. Sadly, the Deep Ellum Market has been cancelled this weekend. To make up for the lost funtimes, we've extended our Good 2 Go hours.

Open Studio
Friday, Aug 17th
10am - 3pm
*behind Good 2 Go and Goodfriend on Peavy Rd*

Dowdy Studio Wagon @ Good 2 Go Taco
Sat Aug 18 + 19
9am - 2pm
We'll be parked out front. Come get some tacos tees and more!

(If the rain gods get their crazy on this weekend, we'll be moving the Wagon to our studio ( behind Good 2 Go ), and we'll be open inside.)

Aug 16, 2012

Tattoo times!

It's and exciting day in the Dowdy Studio! Dylan is getting his first Dowdy Studio tattoo. While he's not the first to get a Dowdy tattoo, it's still superery dupery just as awesome.

Dylan has been talking about getting inked up with our artwork for a long time. For one, why not? and for two, it's a good excuse to cover up an old tattoo. So the story goes: Once upon a time, at one of those young hip teenager parties back in the day, young Dylan had his friend tattoo a character on his arm. At the time Dylan's lady-friend verified that it meant "Big D", his nickname given to him by his friends, but come to find out later that it just meant "big". Dylan wasn't heart broken by the news of the newly discovered meaning, he actually thought it was funny. As Dylan does stand 6'2", he saw it as more of a warning to small people to beware of big person over here.

before:  farewell "big" tattoo, during: "Does it hurt?"

After - Well, it's not quite finished. Good art takes some time. This one has a solid 5 hours on it and it looks freaking awesome and Dylan couldn't be happier with his new Chief Lion!

Super thanks to Nick Ley at Saints and Sinners in the Bishop Arts District for the slam'n job!