Mar 21, 2011

Back from SXSW...

And it was AWESOME!!! We always love road tripping to Austin with the Wagon and our tees, jewelry, bags and art prints. Seriously, we'll take any excuse we can get to go visit our artsy neighbors to the south. When SXSW rolls along, you know we'll be making that our big excuse to say so long to Dallas for the weekend and go have some fun.

If you've been following along here on the blog you'd be familiar that we set up shop at Auditorium Shores just south of downtown Austin on Lady Bird Lake. We were thrilled to see the Strokes play on Thursday night, followed by more tunes on Friday, then some Man Man and Felice Brothers and more on Saturday!!! Much fun party extreme!

We rolled on in before all the action on Thursday and set up the Dowdy Studio Wagon. We made the bunting the week before to go around the awning and door frame, and we'll show you how to make your own later this week. So stay tuned here on the blog.

Our chalkboard sign was a great way to welcome everyone to the Wagon. We decided giving a big Dowdy "Howdy" would be the friendliest way to say hello. Plus, we're in Texas, so it's kinda mandatory that we give a warm Texas welcome.

This was a snapshot of early Saturday afternoon. The vibe was very family friendly, so people were lounging on blankets with their kiddos and families on the lawn. It was perfect weather and everyone was so super nice! We loved meeting so many awesome people.

We loved watching Man Man play!!! They put on a great high-energy show. If you ever get the chance, go see these guys, DO IT!. Tons of fun! Or watch it on NPR here.

At night as the Strokes played, it was so crowded (22,000+ people), we couldn't even get close enough to the stage to get a picture of them. So see that blue light there....see it? That's them.... somewhere in there.

See you soon Austin!!! We'll be back May 21-22 for Renegade Craft Fair!! Hooray!

Check out more pics of our weekend on our Facebook page. Click here.

-Pamela + Dylan

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