Oct 29, 2011

Saturday and Sunday with the Wagon

Hey costumers and candiers! Come on out to Bosla this weekend and shop the Dowdy Studio Wagon. We'll even have some treats in store for you. 

-Pamela + Dylan

Oct 29 - 30
(S) 11am - 9pm, (Su) 11am - 3pm
Bolsa Cafe's Parking Lot

Oct 27, 2011

Friday - The last Pegasus Market

Friday, October 28th will be the last planned Pegasus Market in Downtown Dallas. We have been working hard in the studio to stock the Wagon up with new hoodies, pillows, wooden jewelry and more! We hope to see you out on Friday, if not, join us at Bolsa Restaurant in Oak Cliff on Saturday and Sunday

-Pamela + Dylan

Oct 26, 2011

Reposted from the MixMaster blog form the Dallas Observer

We were thrilled to be able to do a fun interview and photoshoot for the Dallas Observer. Here's a part of the article below. Click here to read the full interview. This is also Chester's first time in the papers!! :)

Art & Craft On The Go With Dowdy Studio
All Photos by Sara Kerens

Hopefully everyone is rested and sober by now after all the Dallas Observer Music Awards partying that took place in the last week (and for some, the week before, too). If not, we promise to speak softly. Although, if you hear a rumbling rolling down the street, it just might be the Dowdy Wagon headed to one of your favorite local haunts.

Make way for Dowdy Studio in our latest installment of Profiles In Pictures. As usual, photographer Sara Kerens gives us an intimate look at another local creative outfit and we ask them our set of standard Qs. Take a look inside and outside the wagon and read what these mobile locals and Etsy Dallas members have to say after the jump.


Who are you, what do you do, who do you do it for, and where do you do it?
We are Dylan and Pamela Dowdy, two illustrators and artists who travel around Dallas and beyond in our mobile store, the Dowdy Studio Wagon. Unlike most stores, ours is filled with things we made ourselves. Dylan screen prints our original illustrations onto tees, messenger bags, pillows and more, and Pamela handcrafts wooden jewelry, sews pillows and scarves, and we both try to have as much fun as humanly possible.
When we're not blaring music, throwing back coffee and working away in our bright red garage turned art studio, Dallas is our regular stomping (or rolling) ground for the Dowdy Studio Wagon. We roll in and pop-up shop in various places on a weekly basis. Regularly people can find us at Good 2 Go Taco in East Dallas, Bolsa Cafe in Oak Cliff, or check our schedule on our website to find out where we'll be and when.

What do you find the most satisfying about what you do, and why?
The smile on people's faces when they see our art or our tiny shop really gets us excited. Not only do we thrive off other's excitement, but we also get incredibly giddy when we see people wearing our wares out and about. It's really fulfilling as an artist to see your art being worn and appreciated after you've released it into the wild.
What is your favorite tool/special resource that allows you to do what you do?
After each other, our favorite thing is our little mobile shop. Third is coffee. The Dowdy Studio Wagon has given us the opportunity to meet a variety of really cool people that we probably wouldn't meet just hanging out in our studio. It also gives us a great excuse to travel all around Dallas and visit other art loving cities like Austin and Oklahoma City.

Oct 24, 2011

Weekend recap in pictures

This past weekend we popped up shop at our fave east Dallas food and watering holes, Good 2 Go Taco and Goodfriend. 

Oct 20, 2011

This weekend! yay!

Sat + Sun, Oct 22-23
(Sa) 7am-8pm, (Su) 7am-3pm 
1146 Peavy Rd, Dallas
Tacos and Tees + much more! See you there friends!
more info: click here

Oct 17, 2011

Hooray Grand Opening!!

Tonight we are super excited to be popping up shop on a Monday over at the grand opening of Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House.

We've been bringing our Wagon up to Good 2 Go Taco since May, and have gotten a front row seat in watching this restaurant bar come together. Come on out and help them celebrate all their hard work to build an awesome bar in a great neighborhood.

Mon, Oct 17
1148 Peavy Rd, Dallas
(next door to Good 2 Go Taco)

Ladies and gentlemen, we will also have our Drink Local tee out in full force tonight. If you aren't already wearing it, tonight is a great time to grab one to throw on and support our buddies at Goodfriend. 

-Dylan + Pamela

Oct 14, 2011

This weekend = mucho FUN!

Sat, Oct 15th
2820 Indianna Blvd
more info: click here

Sun, Oct 16
1146 Peavy Rd, Dallas
Tacos and Tees + much more! See you there friends!
more info: click here

Oct 12, 2011

Find us Thursday at the Wooden House. We'll be parked out front and we have lotsa goodness inside. See ya there!

Thursday, Oct 13
more info: click here

Oct 10, 2011

Studio Day

Today Dylan spent the day printing tees in the Studio....

 and our screen wall looks like a monster. 

Oogley Boogly!!

Oct 7, 2011

Sat+Sun = Dowdy Studio Wagon + Bolsa!!

We'll be bringing the Wagon back to Bolsa Cafe this Saturday and Sunday. Join us and shop our wooden clocks, artwork, jewelry, tees and more. Also, grab a drink and a bite to eat at one of Dallas' best local restaurants, Bolsa. We'll be out front. See ya there!

Oct 8 - 9
(S) 11am - 9pm, (Su) 11am-3pm
Bolsa Cafe's Parking Lot

Oct 5, 2011

Pre-weekend in the Dowdy Studio Wagon

We have two fun fun fun events this pre-weekend in the Dowdy Studio Wagon. Thursday from noon to 6pm we'll be parked outside the Wooden House, a unique Dallas furniture shop, and Friday, we'll be swinging into downtown's Pegasus Plaza for the Pegasus Outdoor Market from 11am - 3pm, where we'll be parked next to yummy food trucks and other local artists. Join us for all the fun!! See you there!!

To see our other upcoming events, check out our calendar, here.

In addition to the Wagon, we'll be bringing these:::: Oh la la! 

Thursday, Oct 6
more info: click here


Oct 3, 2011

Mer Jack - swimming on a new shirt color

Over the weekend our burly sea buddy, the Mer Jack, got a little make over. Think of it as we plucked him from his merry hole in the sea and gave him a giant new shiny ocean to swim in. Or actually, we just gave him a new royal blue tee to live on.

This is a super soft tri-blend tee, which makes it super soft and comfortable. Think of that vintage band tee you stole from your parents back in the day......oh, you didn't steal one....well, there's still time. Get to it, or just grab one of our tees.

We asked the Mer Jack what he thought of his new home. His response was hard to hear because he was 1. under water and 2. we think he might speak french. But all in all we think he's happy about his new home and shirt color.

-Pamela + Dylan