Jan 31, 2011

Give a warm welcome to the Dowdy Studio Wagon

Hey guys!

We're cranking away here in Dowdy Studio land getting ready for our upcoming shows and events, and we are more than excited to announce the beginnings of our new mobile concept shop, that we have dubbed the "Wagon" for now.

The Wagon is a big black 72 sqft space that is basically a huge blank canvas for us to make into our own special space. This past weekend we spent two beautiful 75 degree days out in our backyard priming and painting the interior.

We didn't get much help from our furry friend, Lulu. She was more focused on managing the project than actually getting her fur dirty. You can see in the picture above her carefully inspecting Dylan's paint job. Below, she is making sure Pamela's masking tape is up to code. Yah, we didn't know masking had to be up to code either!! Glad she was there to help.

Overall, I think Lulu approves of our project. We can't wait to finish and show you guys what we've done. We're also excited to let you know where our shop will be and how you can find us.

-Pamela + Dylan (and Lulu)

See more of the making of the Wagon:

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