Feb 28, 2011

The Dowdy Studio Wagon - Part V

Today is all about Pamela fake making drawers.

Dylan made these really cool drawers that stick out of the wall to hold our prints. There are three of them and each is a different size to hold out 3 sizes of prints.

This is Pamela coming home for lunch and pretending like she's helping do something to the drawers. "This drawer looks great! Let me measure it and make sure there is a distance from this corner to this corner. Yup, all seems to be in order. check!" - Pamela

"Oh this already finished drawer seems to be level. I'll even do the pencil test. er...hrm....good good. Perfect! Well then, I guess I will take more pics, then go make a sandwich." - Pamela

We had fun diving in and out of shops and stores too looking for unique drawer pulls. We loved the mixed match look of the different metals, but after putting them on there we were thinking they might be cooler painted all bright colors. We still haven't decided, what y'all think?

See more of the making of the Wagon:

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-Pamela + Dylan

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