Mar 3, 2011

Estate Sale Score!!

For those of you who know us really well, you already know about our estate sale obsession. For those of you who don't, well......WE FREAKING LOVE ESTATE SALES!!

There's something magical about getting to see a person's left behind belongings. Not only do you get the change to see some unique vintage pieces, but you also get to see them in their context, meaning where those pieces lived while someone owned them. You can kinda create your own story in your head about the person by what things they kept. You can get a sense of who they were by seeing their kept treasures.

We were out last Saturday afternoon, and saw a huge pink sign near our neighborhood. We had no excuse not to slam on our breaks and bust a u-turn. It was Saturday around 3pm. Now if any of you are professional estate sale shoppers, you know that 3pm is usually slim pick'n time, but we went anyways.

GOOD thing we did, because we found this beauty!

The frame was originally a brassy metal color, so we painted it a more suitable color for the Wagon.
Then we decided we should take some pics with both of us and the mirror

Here we go, up on the wall in the Wagon. It's a nice new home for this beautiful mirror. Thank you Estate Sales!!

See more of the making of the Wagon:

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