Feb 18, 2011

The Dowdy Studio Wagon - Part II

Since our last post about the Wagon, we've been getting our paint on, and doing some fancy things like installing fine flooring and finishes. Here's a shot from the back side. As you can see we have primed walls!!! Oh yeah...primed walls baby!

After priming the walls, we realized that all those paint fumes in a tight small space is apparently not the best for making logically coherent or sane sentences. We both experienced bursts of looniness that probably would scare away any proper person.

Excerpts from our painting fumed delirium:

Dylan - "Do people playing the Wii ever say that they are going to wiiiii all over the living room?" followed by unstoppable giggles.

Pamela - "These paint brushes are so soft. They should take lots of these brushes and tie them together make even bigger brushes, that you can lay on and take a nap."

So we decided it was probably time to open the doors and window. After a bit of airing out, we stained the doors a nice medium brown to give it some nice color and protect it from wear and tear.
To spruce up the flooring, we found these faux wood tiles, that really made the room glow!

With a splash of on of our favorite colors, green, and some final trimmings, we called it done for the day. We've got a bit of a ways to go, but we're almost there. We'll be posting more pics and showing you what we're up to with it. Hope you like it! We can't wait to show you in person! yay!

-Pamela + Dylan

See more of the making of the Wagon:

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