Mar 24, 2011

Easy How to: Insta-Bunting!

Ok gang, this is super super easy and you just need a few items and about 15-20 minutes to make super duper sweet bunting.

We made this fun bunting to decorate the Dowdy Studio Wagon for it's big showing in Austin for SXSW. Now we're showing you! It's great for decorating for parties or for permanent home deco.

So if you wanna make some go get these supplies:
- Fabric Glue
- Quilt Binding (3 yrds = 9 ft)
- Pins
- Multi colored Fabric
- Fabric Scissors
- Chester the kitten/intern (not recommended)

Step 1 - Cut some triangles and strips. I freehand cut mine, but you can easily make your own templates out of a piece of paper or find one online to use. I decided to change up the standard triangle bunting by adding some ribbon shapes too. Yeah! We're getting fancy, shake it!

Step 2 - Now that you have all your pieces cut, begin placing them in the quilting tape. I started the bunting about 10 inches in so there would be some extra quilt binding on the ends to tie around the Wagon. Unroll the quilt binding and unfold the first fold to place the top of each fabric piece inside the top crease of the folded quilt binding. It's good to lay out about 4 pieces at a time. Anymore and it gets messy, and you'll be yelling at the bunting for being such a mean bully face and getting all crazy on you. Just a warning.

Step 3 - Glue party fancy time!! We used Liquid Stitch fabric glue. This stuff is great. It dries fast and holds strong. This is how we can get this bunting done in 15-20 min. Slide down one fabric piece and draw a line of glue across the back part of the quilt binding, place the fabric piece back in place over the glue line, then draw another glue line on top of the fabric piece and lay the top part of the
quilt binding over it.

Step 4 - Press firmly on the quilt binding for about 3 seconds. This stuff dries pretty fast, so make sure you have the fabric piece in place exactly how you want it before you press down. Now get back up there to step 2 and repeat until you finish your bunting.

Step 5 - Done. Awesome!

Step 6 - Get Chester to check your handmade bunting for quality. He approved this one, which is good. When he doesn't like them he gets his claws in them and runs around the house with them.

Step 7 - Hang it! If you're decorating for a party and you're done early....uh, grab a pre-drinky to celebrate! You did great.

If you've made some homemade bunting, we'd like to see! Share with us in the comments section below what you made.

-Pamela _ Dylan


  1. thanks for the tip! i'll be making some for our wedding in may! :)

  2. Oh how fun! Congrats+ have a happy wedding :)