Mar 14, 2011

The Grand Opening!

We were so lucky and grateful to be able to hold our big Dowdy Studio Wagon grand opening at the Gypsy Wagon off Henderson in Dallas! The staff was super super sweet and we could do nothing short of fall in love with them all!

We've began dubbing the Dowdy Studio Wagon "the unofficial smallest retail shop in Texas". We haven't done our research, but we think it might be true. With 72 sqft of shopping space inside, it's a tight squeeze, and I don't know of any other shops crazy enough to go that small.

Speaking of small, as a little bonus extra, we decided to go all out and buy a dozen balloons to festive up the Wagon for its big day. He was looking mighty handsome, but unfortunately his dashing dark looks, brought in the heat and kept popping the balloons. I think we kicked off the morning with 6 survivors. We were sad, but happy to have them.
What's cool about having 72 sq ft of space is that we had to think creatively about how to structure the space. One of the big perks is having a wagon with a huge window that opens up. This made it feel big and open, and if it ever got too crowded inside, you could still see all the lovely goods from the outside. It was really fun helping shoppers through the window. We joked that we might have to make Dowdy Studio paper hats and aprons, but we were also kinda serious.

Thank you all for your support in the opening of our small little Wagon! We hope to see you very soon at our upcoming events. You are all awesome!!

Much love,
-Dylan + Pamela

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  1. So stoked for you guys! Hope you head up to Oklahoma with that puppy this year! I'd love to shop from it! :)