Apr 27, 2011

This Saturday!!

We've been working behind the scenes since late 2010 putting on this event, the 3rd Annual Spring Bash. We invite you to come out and see us. We'll be sans-wagon this time, but we built a really sweet display this week that I think you'll like. Plus, we make a ton of new tees, pillows, prints and more for your shopping pleasure.

-Dylan + Pamela

Saturday, April 30th
South Side on Lamar
1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX
awesome everything handmade

Apr 23, 2011


We're a little excited. Maybe a little tooooo excited to show you our latest design coming out of the Dowdy Studio. This one is by way of Dylan's hand drawing skills and screenprinting.

We call it Super Ride. Hope you like.

See the whole tee at Bolsa Cafe this weekend or at the Spring Bash next weekend.

-Dylan + Pamela

Apr 22, 2011

Working hard for the Spring Bash!

Heya folks!
We love planning the Etsy Dallas shows each year, the Spring Bash and the Jingle Bash. It's that final week before show time and we've been working extra hard to get everything ready for show time fun time.

The Bashes are presented by Etsy Dallas, a team of 50 local Dallas artists who sell their handmade goods on Etsy.com. Pamela was fortunate to hop on the Etsy Dallas bandwagon early on and be able to take on some reigns and help steer the group into putting on 2 awesome handmade art shows each year. We love doing this, and we think this is something that has totally benefitted Dallas' art community, or at least we hope it has brought a few smiles to some faces.

Last week we joined about 30 team energetic Etsy Dallas team members, Spring Bash vendors and happy volunteers to all join in and help us make some rocking decorations and prep supplies for our Etsy Dallas Make n Take booth for the Spring Bash.

Mia Maria, Red Tile Studio, Yellow Bug Boutique and DCImaginations whipped out some awesome big ass pom poms for decorations.

They also made a pretty mess. We only got a shot of the yellow and white paper cuts, but later on there was some pretty teal mixed in there too!

This week we gathered the troops again over at Bonny Bead's home studio and stuffed the Bash Bags that we designed and printed for the show. These Bash Bags are STUFFED with so much awesome!

Here's a quick sneak peek of just a handful of the goodies that you'll find in there if you're one of the first 50 shoppers.

We included some of our new coasters in pretty teal and black. These we so much fun to make. Dylan hand cut the wood, sanded and printed our logo on each one, then Pamela designed some fancy packaging and we stuffed one of these babies in each bag.

We hope to see you next weekend, April 30th at the Spring Bash!!! Come on by and say hi + shop cool handmade stuff made by us!

And if you can't wait that long, come see us this weekend at Bolsa Cafe in Dallas. We'll be there Saturday and Sunday in the Dowdy Wagon selling tees, prints, jewelry, messenger bags and featuring our guest artist, One Up Designs!

Apr 21, 2011

He likes/She likes

We enjoy a good interweb stroll and love when we find things that make us incredibly happy inside. We wanted to share with you a few artists images we found that made us fall head over heels....or head over stomachs.

Slinkachu, a artist from the UK, creates street art, but a little differently than just whipping out the cans of spray paint and covering a side of a building. Instead he places tiny figurines around rough urban areas, creates a usually playful, but sometimes melancholy interaction between the two, then he captures the moment in a beautiful photograph. Pamela finds Slinkachu's work to be quite charming, humorous, and well though out. See more of his work here.

This art pretty much stopped Dylan in his tracks. I mean what's more appealing than a big slab of texas shaped steak to really draw you in. MEAT America is brought to you by photographer and artist Dominic Espiscopo as he explores the spirit of America through icons and symbols made of meat. Go see the Elvis tenderloin and check out more of his work here.

Exciting Weekend News - Bolsa Cafe!

Join us again this Saturday + Sunday at Bolsa Cafe in Oak Cliff! We has so much fun that we're bringing the Dowdy Studio Wagon back for round two!

Date: Sunday, April 23+24
Time: Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11-3(ish)pm
Location: Bolsa Cafe's parking lot
Cost: FREE!!!
Guest Artist: One Up Designs

And bonus news!!!! We've asked One-Up designs to be our featured artist for the weekend. So not only can you shop our handmade Dowdy Studio goods, but you can also shop cool vinyl decals, coffee coozies, notebooks, quirky pencil sets and much more making great gifts for you or other people.

Apr 20, 2011

Printing the Bash Bags for the Spring Bash!

We do a ton of work putting on the Spring Bash and Jingle Bash in Dallas each year. One of our favorite things to do to help get ready for the big day is to print the Bash Bags. These are 50 canvas bags stuffed full of handmade goodies for the first 50 shoppers to receive...for free! Heck yeah!!
For this Spring Bash Pamela made the artwork for the bags and Dylan screenprinted them in our little 2 car studio. We say 2 car studio, because our studio is actually converted from our old two car garage.
What's great about printing in the Studio is that we can open up a whole wall to the outside on nice days like today with just a click of a button. We sure will miss that if we ever move to a different studio.

After Dylan prints the Bags, they get to sit and dry. These are the back sides of the bags with our top sponsor, South Side on Lamar and our logo. This is like their beauty rest before they're big reveal.

If you're interested in getting your hand on a Bash Bag, do make sure you are at the Spring Bash extra early. We have people wait in line hours before we open our doors to get their hands on these babies. Also hit up the Bash website for all the exciting Spring Bash info.

We'll see ya there on Saturday April 30th!

Apr 19, 2011

New Pillows

We are so flipp'n excited about our new pillows! Dylan screenprinted our original artwork on them and Pamela sewed each one. All the art Dylan printed are from many of our original illustrations. Our illustrations are usually done in pen and ink, but sometimes we get a little experimental and pick up unusual materials to help create our drawings.

These babies are super soft and stuffed full of love and stuffings. We love each one and hope you do too.
Be the first to get your hands on these in the Dowdy Studio Wagon .We'll be at Bosla Cafe in Oak Cliff this Saturday from 2-11pm and Sunday 10am-3pm. See ya there!

Apr 18, 2011

Oak Cliff Earth Day - Recap

This weekend the Dowdy Studio Wagon was at Oak Cliff Earth Day in Lake Cliff Park. We love this park!!! It's beautiful and so well kept. This was our 3rd Earth Day celebration to take part in in Oak Cliff. Pamela was at the ones in '08 and '09 as Pamela Michelle, so it was great to finally be able to do one together as Dowdy Studio.

Were still grooving on the new sign, but we think we need to make a couple more that say "Come on in" or "We don't bite....hard" to put on the other doors. We're noticing that people aren't quite sure if they can actually come in the Dowdy Studio Wagon or not. Well, ya can guys. Come on in and have a dance party with us in there. What do you think our signs should say? Tell us in the comments.

The park was in full bloom with all kinds of lovely flowers. To get this shot I actually laid down in a bed of flowers (not on the flowers...don't worry, they're okay). When i got up, I realized people were watching me.....probably concerned for my mental health(?)......but I just shot up and waltzed off like it was normal...cuz everyone does that, right?

There was lots of fun tents all over the park! We didn't get to do much exploring, but we lived through the rest of the event through the tales of our Wagon visitors. One adorable little gal told us that the animal rescue booth was giving away rubber duck-i-corns for $1 donations after seeing our Musicorn tee. I didn't believe in the magic duck-i-corn until she showed us the proof.
Told ya, the park is beautiful!

Ok, so back to the duck-i-corn, my good amiga Stephanie, and I (Pamela) have some weird childhood crazy girl obsession with unicorns, so the duck-i-corn totally made our day.

Stephanie also has a biz, called Tefi. She makes cool stuff. Check her out!

If you missed us at Earth Day, have no fear we'll be at Bolsa Cafe next weekend. Come see us and say hi!

Apr 14, 2011

Oak Cliff Earth Day + Wagon!

Join us this Sunday in Lake Cliff Park in Oak Cliff for a big Earth Day celebration! We'll be bringing our mobile handmade shop, the Dowdy Studio Wagon, and we'll also be debuting some new good stuff!!

Like this screenprinted handmade pillow:
Dubbla hubba hubba

/ / / / /
\ \ \ \
date: Sun, April 17th
time: 12-5pm
location: Lake Cliff Park, Dallas
Cost: FREE!

Our Guitar Rootings tees are always a fave at Earth Day, so we'll be bringing 'em for the ladies and the mens.

Apr 13, 2011

We heart DIY!

We've found some great DIY projects around the interwebs today. Hope you like them and get a chance to try them out. Let us know what you make. We love seeing other people's projects!

DIY Glass Jars With Prints from the book Poster Craft.
Recreated by Ellie Snow from Mint Design Blog.
Found originally on Mint Design Blog

We fell in love with these DIY jars right off the bat. Ellie did a great job of making bold black graphics make some very beautiful pieces. We would love to make some to decorate our kitchen window with. Imagine multi colored glass jars sitting in a kitchen window dancing with the morning sunlight and reflecting colors all over the room as you sip your morning coffee.

Project by Brittany from House that Lars Built
Found Originally on Oh Happy Day

Pamela is obsessed with DIY paper flowers. We made a ton out of crape paper for our wedding last fall, and loved making them. Truth be told though - Dylan is better at making paper flowers than Pamela. So we were super happy to see this cute little paper corsage DIY. We thought these would be so cute for a wedding instead of real flowers or just as a cute home accent. Maybe we should make a few of these with stems to put in our glass jars!!!

Created by Tsuki of Little Gray Fox
Originally found on the Little Gray Fox Blog

Something a little less feminine are these cool little DIY desert terrariums. Dylan thought it would be cool to find a bunch of these plastic animals and hand paint them all kinds of neon colors, then place them in the cactus plants. He also suggested throwing in some large nuts and bolts. We love these because the possibilities are pretty limitless.

Have fun crafting!
-Pamela + Dylan

Apr 11, 2011

Pam'd-made Wagon Sign!

Pamela loves hand-drawn type, so any chance she gets she's all about doing her own hand-drawings. Our Wagon's chalkboard sign was looking a little like we did it in 10 min, which we did, so we figured it was time to do a redo! yay!

The first step was drawing the Dowdy Studio logo. Luckly we had a little print out to look at while drawing the new chalk logo.

Logo done! Now Pamela moves on to sketching out the type in pencil. She made a teeny little sketch on a post-it note to be a guide for the real deal.

If you leave Pamela alone in the dark with a chalkboard and a pen for about 20-30 minutes, you'll come back to find her almost done! Woah!

All done! Well, we decided to take a break and draw in our web address in the morning. Hope you like our new Dowdy Studio Wagon sign!

-Dylan + Pamela

Indie Genius Bazaar Recap

Last Saturday and Sunday we spent both lovely days in the IndieGenius parking lot on 7th and Zang with a bunch of cool artist folks + friends in our Dowdy Studio Wagon. We have a permanent small boutique space inside Indie Genius, but thought we'd have some fun and set up the Wagon outside too.

Here's some shots we took at the beginning of the event. We really wish we had more time to shoot more, but we got a little carried away just enjoying ourselves and meeting awesome people.

Our new chalkboard sign got it's first debut on the door of the Dowdy Studio Wagon all weekend.
There were lots of cool vendors. Must give a shout out to my Etsy Dallas peeps: Signifying Not, ReGeared, Karmacrocket, 2Enju who were all there and a special shout out to our friends from F is for Frank. They all rock'd it as usual.

Justin + Lindsay had the cutest lively bundle of fluff. The lovely Milo, waltzed in the Wagon and started shopping even before his parents knew what was going on. I think he was kinda bummed to find we didn't have any tees in his size, but we think he still had a good time.

Thanks for stopping by our blog guys! We hope to see you soon at the next Dowdy Studio Wagon event. We'll be at Oak Cliff Earth Day this Sunday from 12-5pm.

Hi!!! - from Dylan

Did you say food?

We didn't take this pic. We actually pulled it from the Bees Enchiladas facebook page, but we wanted to inlude a little shout out for our new favorite enchilada house. Bees, is just a skip across the street from Indie Genius, so we indulged in their tasty offerings. i'm sure everything on the menu is great, but may we suggest: try their mushroom and spinach enchilada's with avocado sauce (Pamela's fave) and the brisket enchilada with blanco queso (Dylan's fave).


-Pamela + Dylan

Apr 7, 2011

he likes/she likes: featuring she likes

We're always hopping around the interwebs looking for cool new things to outfit ourselves and our new 1960s style home, and we love sharing some of our finds with you. These are Pamela's finds for this week's wish list. Not every pick gets to come home with us, but we love creating an extensive list of dreams we hope will come true one day. We've also inlucded the links to the items and online shops are below, so you can find cool stuff too.


by nativevermont

ursus brooch
by sweetbestlary

by VonlenskaVintage

He likes/she likes: featuring he likes

We're always hopping around the interwebs looking for cool new things to outfit ourselves and our new 1960s style home, and we love sharing some of our finds with you. These are Dylan's finds for this week's wish list. Not every pick gets to come home with us, but we love creating an extensive list of dreams we hope will come true one day. We've also inlucded the links to the items and online shops are below, so you can find cool stuff too.


from TheFancyLamb

from jreal
from sadlyharmless

from Daily Memorandum

Apr 5, 2011

This weekend! FUN!

We'll be over at Indie Genius this Saturday and Sunday! This is one of the coolest handmade friendly shops. Come check it out and come see us and the Dowdy Studio Wagon! We'd love to see you!

Date: April 9-10
Time: (sa) 12-8 (su) 12-4
Location: 7th & Zang near Bishop Arts District
Cost: FREE!!!

Bolsa Dance Party!

Just after set up and in between the lunch and dinner rush at Bolsa Cafe, we had a few minutes to shoot film for our newest dance videos. Hope you like.

Take notes because these are solid dance moves and you will probably see them on tv or something one day.


Thanks for watching us dance! We hope to make some new dance videos this weekend as we pop-open the Wagon at Indie Genius in Oak Cliff on Saturday and Sunday.


Apr 4, 2011

We heart Dallas Morning News!

We were featured right before our grand opening in the Dallas Morning News! Big thank you!
Click on the image below to read the full article.

Apr 3, 2011

A beautiful weekend at Bolsa Cafe

Our first solo Dowdy Studio Wagon gig pulled up Saturday afternoon at Bolsa Cafe in Oak Cliff. Saturday was so fun, that we decided why not come back for Sunday brunch too? So we did and we loved it.

Some shots from the weekend:

Our handmade jewelry and prints with the cool rugged Bolsa sign in the background. Many people were shocked this weekend to find out that we actually make everything in our shop from start to finish....including the shop! We had a great time telling everyone the story behind the each piece and about the Wagon too.

Dylan rocked his new musical unicorn design. We're working very hard to get all our new designs online soon. We hear rumors of a photoshoot this week.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We enjoyed your company and meeting lots of new faces. Hope to see you again soon at one of our upcoming events. Also if you're hungry and in Oak Cliff, do go into Bolsa and grab a bite to eat. YUMMMM!!!!

-Pamela + Dylan