Feb 26, 2011

The Dowdy Studio Wagon: Part IV

We're getting closer! After installing the bench, cash wrap and a tee rack, we decided we should probably clean this Wagon up a little before making more displays. Sweeping isn't really the most fun part of the renovation, but it must be done. Hey, at least I'm good at it! Especially when it's only 72 square feet of space.

We are madly in love with the faux wood floors against the gray and white painted walls. The the springy green wall in the back adds for some extreme pop!

We hung some tees on the tee rack just to see how they looked with the new furniture displays. We looooove it, and think they look stunning in their new home.

Dylan installed lighting around the ceiling for when we're out in the evenings. It's so bright in there. We closed all the doors just to see if you could still see in darkness and VAVOOM yes! Score!

Our hearts are racing with excitement, and we can't wait to show you more of our adventures of building this baby!

We also hope you can join us March 12th at the Gypsy Wagon in Dallas for their first Handmade Market of 2011 happening once a month through May. This will be our GRAND OPENING!!!!! Hooray!!! Stay tuned to hear about more of our upcoming events.

Happy trails!
-Pamela + Dylan

See more of the making of the Wagon:

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