Sep 30, 2011

Adventure in Dallas!

Hey! We're showing you this awkward couple photo we took this morning to kick off our photo tour of our anniversary day date. Pamela played hooky from work, so we could have all day filled with adventure and no formal plans. It stared with a big hearty breakfast at Good 2 Go Taco and liquid energy at Cultivar Coffee, then a quick peek at the construction of Good Friend Beer Garden next door.

After breakfast, we decided to head over to Dallas' Filter Building on White Rock Lake, the place we wedded and reminisced about our big fun day a year ago.

Looking at the old renovated Filter Building reminded Dylan of some old houses her saw once while driving by South Side on Lamar and Lee Harvey's. So we decided to go check them out. Turns out it was the Dallas Historical Village, once Old Dallas Park, and you only had to chip in nine bucks to go walk around and see all the historic buildings they have collected from around the Dallas area.

We had a great time and took 131 pics. Here's just a few:

 A wagon!!!

 Dylan demonstrating his train ticket selling skills. 

 We can't not mention all the awesome old wallpaper we spied. 

 We met a Donkey. He was sweet, but sadly we couldn't take him home with us. 

 More awesome wallpaper detail.

 We decided this one house would be a great place for a horror movie. 

 It creeped Dylan out so much that he started haunting the house himself.

 Then we went to school.

 Pamela answered all the questions right. 

 She even got to lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

 Then so did Dylan.

 Some doorways were tall.

Some doorways were small. 

 We found a Saloon!!! But no one was serving beers in there. 

Just bears.....?  

 We got to play in the general store. 

 And had a few giggles at some of the old signs. Brownie pills!!!!!

All in all super fun dream adventure anniversary date!!!! YAY!

-Pamela + Dylan

Sep 28, 2011

One happy year of married life!

This weekend we are celebrating one year of happily ever after. This past year has flown by so fast, and we have made lots of great memories together and with you!

So let's just jump right into it - Just two weeks before our wedding day, Dylan's full time job let him go. It was a really hard and emotional time for us both. We didn't know what we were going to do, we didn't have any answers, and we were so wrapped up in our wedding day, that we had no time to even think in a straight line. But we kept our cool, because we knew no matter what life threw up all over us we would be okay because we had each other. We didn't know it then, but this was kinda that old kick in the soft spot we needed to really lock in our dreams and make them happen.

After the wedding, on a quiet beach in Mexico, we spent our honeymoon with a couple sketchbooks and a few fruity drinks. As the waves danced in our foggy heads cleared and what we realized is that it was now or never to embark on a new chapter in our lives.

This was a chapter where we focus all our energy and free time on Dowdy Studio, and really worked our asses off in our studio making cool stuff and delivering it to the world. Dylan finally had the time to throw 100% of himself into Dowdy Studio and Pamela, who still works full time as an illustrator and designer, devotes 100% of her free time to Dowdy Studio. Together we make the best out of what we have and always have a good time doing it. We may not be rich, but we are happy.

The Dowdy Studio Wagon had always been a dream we both had. It was something we talked endlessly about when we started dating in late 2007. At that time we didn't know what the Wagon would be exactly, a double decker bus, an airstream trailer, a cardboard box, but we knew we wanted a mobile handmade art shop that we could travel around Dallas and nearby areas in and meet lots of really cool people and share our handmade goods and art with them.

We are happy to say that we have had such a fun time with the Wagon and love everyone we have had the pleasure of meeting, and hope we can continue to keep on wheeling around town with you!

So moral of the story - When life's a bitch, just dance...or do whatever the hell makes you happy. You'll thank yourself later.

-Pamela + Dylan

Sep 27, 2011

Wednesday Happy Hour with the Wagon!

Join us this wednesday in Bolsa's parking lot. We'll bring the Dowdy Studio Wagon stuffed with our handmade designs and goods, and you bring yourself and your appetite and thirst for great art and food. 

New in the Wagon - Find our screen printed messenger bags along with tees, art prints, jewelry, clocks and more! All handmade by us in our own studio. 

See you there!
-Pamela + Dylan

Wednesday, Sept 28
5pm - 9pm
Bolsa Cafe's Parking Lot
614 West Davis Dr. Dallas, TX

Sep 23, 2011

New Coasters in the Wagon!!

If you've been in the Dowdy Studio Wagon lately, you may have noticed our newest addition some fresh screenprinted wood coasters. And you may have also noticed that we've been running low on them. Well, fear no more. We've created a bagangle of new coasters just for you. Check them out this weekend as we go to the Dallas Flea and Good 2 Go Taco

What's a bagangle, you ask? It's our random made up word of the day. Let's just say they'll be plenty of coasters just for you, just $7 each!! Mix and match to create your own set.

Sep 20, 2011

Just a Peek: Welcome to our home

Ever wonder where we make all our handmade jewelry? Well, here. This is our jewelry studio and tee storage room in our home. Most people would use this room as a spare bedroom, but not us. We take any extra square inch of our home to support our art addiction. Because we love it! 

This is the work station. Usually you can find Pamela hanging out in here burning away on wood pendants or painting intricate details on wood rings. 

Photo from the 3rd Annual Jingle Bash by Lauren Allen Photography

We got a bulletin board to hang important documents and be more officey....but that didn't happen. We just pin up fun things we acquire or make, like little doodle sketches.

Like the pin board, there's one shelf above the desk that is dedicated to fun stuff. This has become home to delicate little wood sculptures that have been passed down through our families or found, and lots of other random things we love.


On the opposite wall of the desk, we've hung some of our favorite prints. We didn't have frames to put them in, and didn't want to pin them to the wall, so we searched the house for other random objects to hang them with. A binder clip, a clip board and a pants hanger came in very handy. 

Hope you enjoyed our studio tour. We'll post more pics of out little home soon. 

Sep 17, 2011

Friday at Bolsa - tour de pix

Hey guys! We thought we'd just take ya on a little camera phone tour of Friday night in the Wagon at Bolsa Cafe!

This week Dylan built a new awning for the Wagon that wards off rain drops. We knew there would be a chance of rain on Friday, so we planned ahead to make the Wagon rain proof. 

Our Wagon drawers hold our prints all in a clear plastic sleeve backed with matte board and signed by us. Shown here is the Mer-Jack on 5x7, Hello Day on 8.5x10 and I heart U a Latte on 11x14. And hiding down below is our Yee Haw Kitty on a purple pillow. MEOW!

Pamela's wooden necklaces hang above the prints. Each one is hand carved and painted, making them all original pieces of art for your neck.

Our tees were out in full force. We've been working away in the studio all week to stock up on all our sizes and designs. This one is called the Super Ride. It's an eco friendly mode of modern transportation, and it's the long as the wind is blowing, of course. It comes on mens crew necks and lady v-necks, like the one shown.  

As it got darker on Friday, the rain snuck in with it. Dylan's new awning worked it's magic and kept out that pesky wet rain. Now if only we could bottle it up and go pour it on people's lawns and trees.

Friday was a blast, and we were happy to hang out with lots of great people. We'll be at Bolsa Cafe all weekend, so swing by, grab some amazing food and drinks and come shop the Wagon. 

-Pamela + Dylan

Sep 14, 2011

This Weekend - Follow us to Bolsa Cafe

Hop on your bike or jump in your car and meet us this weekend over at Bolsa Cafe in Oak Cliff, Dallas. They'll be serving up delicious food, and we'll be serving up our handmade original artwork for you. Swing by, say hello and shop with us. We'd love to see you!

Fri + Sat + Sun. Sept 16-18
Fri 5pm-9pm, Sat 12am-9pm, Sun 10am-2pm
Bolsa Cafe's parking lot

Sep 13, 2011

Weekend Recapped: Part 2

The second part of our weekend was spent hanging out in the Dowdy Studio Wagon in front to Good 2 Go Taco and Cultivar Coffee over in East Dallas. It was great times! We even got to take some up close shots of the yarn bombing attack on their front patio and entrance.

Check out the pics we took below:


Sep 11, 2011

Weekend Recap Y'all: Part 1

This weekend was filled with terrific weather and truckloads Wagonloads of awesome! It was great to be back in Dallas and hanging out with friends and making new ones. We began at the White Rock Local Market on Saturday, then headed on over to Good 2 Go Taco for some Sunday funday. There's just so much to talk about and show you guys that we have to make this weekend recap a two parter.  So we present Part 1:

The Market was packed with all kinds of yummy tummy locally grown and made foods. The vibe was laid back and casual, just like us, so we couldn't have asked for anything more!

We swung open our doors to a nice cool 75 degree morning, set up the Wagon, and turned up the music for a great Saturday.

Pamela rocked the Mer Jack shirt tucked into a fitted cotton stripped skirt, some slip on low rise boots and topped off with a wooded carved and painted necklace from the shop.

We even had the pleasure of hanging out  with some fellow Etsy Dallas members!! La Alicia showed off her recycled paper clutches while posing for a glamour shot.

Framed in one of La Alicia's wreaths, we caught Etsy Dallas member, Modest Ambition, playing with her adorable baby girl while helping out at the Hip Hazel Hoops booth.

Another Etsy Dallas buddy, Regal Cottage, was keeping it extra cool in the shade with a table full of cute! Regina, the artist, handmakes adorable little plush nesting dolls, pillows, fabric balls and so much more cool stuff for kiddos.

A great day was had by all. Thank to everyone who came and shared it with us. We'll see you guys next weekend at Bolsa Cafe in Oak Cliff, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

-Pamela + Dylan