Aug 20, 2014

Where's that Wagon?

Howdy! We're Dylan + Pamela. With our powers combined we built a handmade mobile shop, the Dowdy Studio Wagon, featuring our handmade items, like silk-screned tees, pillows, clocks, jewelry, home accessories and more. We love to travel around as much as we can, popping up shop at local DFW hot spots, concerts, events and more. Check back regularly to find out where our mobile shop will be next, and follow us on facebook for the latest news.

--- OUR SHOP ---
1165 PEAVY RD.

---- HOURS ----
Open Thursday - Sunday
Th: 11-4
Fr: 11-4
Sat: 10-6
Sun: 11-4

 Appointments welcome. 
Please call us 817.688.0577 or email

--- SAT 6.11 ---


Jan 23, 2014

New dude

There is an undiscovered place where the Yetis roam free in an urban environment. Quite a civilized beings, the Urban Yeti, eloquently sips espresso shots, adorns his neck with fine woven scares, and embellishes his forest clearing arms with tattoos of his heritage. You have never even heard of this Yeti due to their hyper hiding skills. The Yeti told in legends is just his drunk uncle running bare through the woods. 
Meet our newest dude, the Urban Yeti, now on tees and now for sale online in our Etsy shop, here

Dec 10, 2013

Dowdy Holiday Hours

This will be your last chance to shop Dowdy Studio before the year ends. So bring your holiday shopping lists and stock up on Dowdy goods! 

Swing by Good 2 Go Taco and shop our mobile shop, the Dowdy Studio Wagon out front, then head over to our studio space afterwards (just behind Good 2 Go). Check out where we make everything, and shop the Wagon. You can also put in custom requests, and take home on of a kind Dowdy tees and goods. 

Dec 5, 2013

FREE shipping on Etsy thru Dec. 8th

Here in Dallas, the ice/snow/cold/death has taken over, and no one in their right mind will be going outside....well, unless it's a beer run.

SO grab a beer or hot drink with a spash of boozy yum in it, some warm jammies, and those animal face slippers, and get to shopping our Etsy shop.

You're reward is you don't have to pay shipping. Just enter code: USAFREESHIP during checkout and all is merry and bright!

Offer valid through Sunday, December 8th. US domestic shipping only.


Oct 22, 2013

Party Time!!!

It's that time again for a hella fun Studio Party!! We're teaming up with Napkin Art Studios again to throw one big pre-holiday bash in our East Dallas studios. It's a chance to get in some holiday shopping, while sipping on some free booze or non boozy beverages and enjoying some holiday tunes, friends, fun and the holiday spirit.

Our studio and Dowdy Studio Wagon will be stocked with our Dowdy goodies, tees, winter wear, messenger bags, pillows, coasters, clocks, framed art, and more for your holiday shopping pleasure. 
SPECIAL GUESTS - Not only can you shop our studio and mobile shop, but you can also find goodies from some of our talented friends!! Bad-ass designers, F. is for Frank, will have a selection of their hand-crafted jewelry, and one of our favorite artist photographers, Daniel Driensky, will be showing his photographic work.

 F is for Frank

Daniel Driensky
TEE BAR - The TEE BAR is back!!!We'll be releasing one new design at the party and printing it on the spot. Pick your tee color and style and we'll make it happen right before your eyes!! *cue magic music*

SECRET SANTA - We're also bringing back the Dowdy Secret Santa Giveaway. Five lucky party goers will be surprised with a Dowdy tee on their doorstep right before the holidays, since Santa is too lazy to use the chimney. Just come to the party, enter our giveaway and wait by your doorstep to see if you won. It's free to enter and we aren't using it as a ploy to steal your personal information. We just want an excuse to have some fun and be gifty. 

PARKING - See the map below for parking directions. Please only park in the designated lot, and remove your vehicle after the party's end, 10pm. Towing is strictly enforced in the area. If visiting one of the fine eating and drinking establishments after the party, please park your car in their lots to be safe from the towing demons. If this is at all confusing, just ask us at the party and we'll point you in the right direction.

Aug 7, 2013

New Dowdy tees on Etsy!!

We've been stocking the Dowdy Studio Wagon and the online shop with all our new tees. Even more will be coming soon!! Check out all the goodies below, or just skip on over to our Etsy shop here to see everything.

Heck Y'all!

Jul 3, 2013

Free Shipping Sale!

Hit up our Etsy shop from now through July 7th to shop shipping free. And have a happy 4th of July!!

-Dylan & Pamela

Jun 7, 2013

Dowdy does Art Con's Mounted!

Art Conspiracy handpicked 40 artists to create a piece of artwork to be auctioned off Saturday night at Art Con's MOUNTED event. We were one of the lucky ones chosen!! Woo hoo!

We're not showing anyone what we made just yet, but here's a couple blurry peeks! :) More pics to come after the event. 

-Dylan & Pamela

Saturday, June 8th

Life in Deep Ellum building

2803 Taylor Street, Dallas, Texas, 75226