Dec 28, 2010

Hello Ladies!

We've added a couple lady tees into the online shop just for you beautiful ladies. These are hand-drawn illustrations screenprinted in the studio on super soft tri-blend v-necks from us for you. Hope you like. We have much more to come, so keep those peepers here. (excited dance)

-Dylan + Pamela

Dec 24, 2010

Let's get our wrap on: Holiday How To

Today's lesson: How to avoid buying wrapping paper.

Here at the Dowdy House, we do our best to put a little creativity into everything we do. So when it came to wrapping our Christmas presents, we decided it would be best to find some things around the house to wrap them in, instead of spending extra money and stressing out buying wrapping paper at the already overcrowded stores.

So it being Christmas Eve, and with the stores shutting their doors before you can get in there to purchase that last minute roll of wrapping paper that you forgot to get last Tuesday, we'll share with you our little How To avoid buying wrapping paper and doing it yourself.

Step 1: Gather your materials
+ Some kind of paper. We had an extra roll of packaging paper left over from something we did earlier this year, but old newspapers, magazines, junk mail or a pile of papers out of your recycling bin will do the trick too.

+ Scissors - for cutting

+. A Sharpie!! If you're cool and have different colors of Sharpies, grab them all to make your gifts even more festive!

+ Tape - for taping the things you cut.

Step 2: Wrap your gifts with your found paper.

Step 3: Grab your Sharpies and decorate!!
We chose to draw on fake bows and ribbons, then fill in the paper with pretty designs. Just a simple stripe or dot pattern can be real cute. Don't forget to draw in a fake tag to write who it's to and from.

When you're all done, you should have some really fun and unique presents to give to your friends and family. Maybe they'll even save the wrapping paper to keep.

Cheers and Happy Merry Christmas
from Dylan and Pamela!

Dec 23, 2010

Happy Merry Christmas 2010 Y'all!

Welcome to the official Dowdy Studio blog! This is where we'll be posting our ramblings and having fun.

It's Christmas time here, so we're doing our best to get the blog and Dowdy Studio site up and running. But glad you stopped by here for some Christmas cheer from us both.

Happy Holidays!
-Dylan + Pamela