Feb 23, 2011

The Dowdy Studio Wagon: Part III

Our Mission: Insert a low shelf - That's what we did!

When it came to designing the inside of the Wagon, we were torn on whether we should find some cool old beat up furniture and refinish it to put in there, or if we should just start from scratch and build everything ourselves. Either way we knew we would be getting our hands dirty and being super DIY.

Earlier this winter Dylan and his pops worked on a set design for a small film, and we were rewarded with tons of left over wood and supplies after the shoot. So what better way to use them than to build our own displays for the Wagon! This way we would build and design exactly what we were looking for and not have to rely on finding the perfect vintage piece.

Lulu took a break from building the display furniture. She doesn't do that kinda stuff, and it's not good for her fur or something like that, so this kitty sunbathed instead.

The Low shelf was built, and placed in the Wagon. Perfect. Just one more thing to do....paint it.

Ohhh la la...white!

Once it was painted, we secured it to the wagon. We decided the best spot for it was on the window side, since we build an installed a hanging tee rack on the other wall. Dylan also built a small bar height cash wrap on the back wall.

Dylan putting the finishing touches on the cash wrap.

And we have been enjoying random paint on our faces.

See more of the making of the Wagon:

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  1. Love! Can't wait to meet the wagon in person.