Feb 16, 2011

Hello loves - Valentine's Recap

We hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's this past Monday! Here at the Dowdy Studio things got a little romantical as Dylan arranged these beautiful flowers as a special surprise. We spent our valentines like any normal couple - Dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant across the street, a couple margaritas, upbeat conversations about love and art, followed by curling up on the couch together with some awesomely bad tv.

To prepare for the Valentine's Day, we held an art sale over at our friend's house in South Dallas, called All You Need is Love + Cool Art (pics from the show coming soon). For the show, we debuted our new print, The Sound of Love. We should have this up in our Etsy shop very soon. We know Valentine's has passed, but it's always nice to have a sweet reminder of love to hang on your walls.

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