Feb 11, 2011

Tshirt Release Party! TONIGHT!!

Come Party with us as we release on of our new tee design at We Are 1976!

(reposted from WeAre1976.com)
Okay, we've never done anything like this before and cannot be more excited! Join us on Friday, February 11th (starts at 7pm) as we throw a multi-brand t-shirt and cd
release party! We're packing our shop with nine (count them, NINE!) of the most talented,
smart, passionate, and super good looking creatives in Dallas (and LA!) as they all release
a spankin' NEW limited edition shirt(s) for their respective brands. All the while, our awesome
friend DJ Sober, releases his brand new album, Business Class.

It's gonna be a great night. We're so honoured to be able to host and support Dallas's
emerging designers and brands and mix it with Sober's super new CD. We've had sneak
peak of the shirts and of Sober's CD and they're soooo great. Y'all come on out and chill
with us- it's gonna be the best night. Also, GoingOutDallas.com has been kind enough
to provide some refreshing beverages, ShopDad is gonna heat up the fryer (heard
something about crab ragoon).

About the designers/brands (in alpha order):

Brainsnatcher - The crazy popular Brainsnatacher yeti tee was probably our first shirt
from a local designer that we carried (and first to sell out!). Love this guy.

Brent Ozaeta - Our forever yellow fever crush. You've probably seen his amazing work
at the badass Public Trust and his new exclusive print just for our shop. Such a talent.

DJ Sober - He's sooo good and a such a great friend to us. And, we like his plaid. We got
to work with him at our Johnny Cupcakes event. Can't wait to do more projects together.

Dowdy Studio - Another super Dallas designer and screenprinter. Dylan and Pam are huge
supporters of Dallas Etsy and their work has that vintage element we love. They do great work.

Fresh Kaufee - "This is not a political shirt by any means but stands as an example that
whatever we can dream will always be possible..." How he describes his designs. We like.

GOST BRAND -SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Arlo Eisenberg is one of the BEST inline skaters
EVER and former designer at Franco Shade Clothing and Paul Frank. His shirts are BADASS.

Loyal K.N.G -We meet this great crew this year, always coming out to support all the other local
brands and we're really happy to be able to support them. Good people.

Marty B's (Rock It Dope) - The mega talented Martellus Bennet of the Dallas Cowboys will be
on hand too! We met him a few months back when he came looking for a FFB shirt!

Nerdy Fresh -We met Frank a few months back when we went to Centre (another GREAT
independent shop in Dallas) for his series release. Great shirts and a real good dude.

The Good Child -AND, we have one lady representing! Her first event for her new line just
debuted this year. So hardworking and an amazing supporter of Dallas's creative peoples.
We love her.

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