May 8, 2011

A Weekend Recap in Pictures

he likes: the Paris Taco
she likes: the Curry in a Hurry Taco

Hi! from the Wagon
Check out our new steps.

Red Bull - not the drink.
Found in a park during an art fest in Richardson

Same park - cute kiddos playing on rocks

So much color! - love

Spied - adorable chalk drawings.

Mouse or cat or bear - awesome.


We had a great weekend!

Come hang out with us next weekend at Homegrown Music and Art Fest for some more Dowdy Studio goodness.

-Pamela + Dylan


  1. Thanks for coming out to G2GT! We loved having you here!!

    - The Taco Ladies

  2. Great idea! Delicious tacos & a DS v-neck t-shirt made for a great Mother's Day brunch! Thanks Pamela & Dylan!