May 13, 2011

Chester picks our facebook contest winner

We wanted to celebrate taking the Dowdy Wagon to the Homegrown Music and Arts Festival this Saturday by doing a quick one day giveaway on our Facebook page. We asked everyone to pick their perfect concert tee from our Dowdy Studio shop and post a comment on our page of which one they picked. Then from the comments we picked one winner to recieve 2 free tickets. We also surprised the winner with the tee of their choice. We had a bunch of fun doing this contest and we wanted to show you how we picked our winner.

It's always tough trying to figure out how to best pick a winner at random. We though about just picking a number off the tops of our heads, but that was boring. Then we thought how fun would it be to put our intern, Chester the kitten, to work. He's been pretty lazy around the studio lately, so it was about time we gave him a real job to do.

Chester is a sucker for kitty treats, so we figured we'd lay out numbers corresponding to the comments left on facebook, then put one cat treat on each one, and let him pick the number based on which treat he went after first. He did end up eating all the treats, so really Chester loves you all.

And we couldn't help but get it on film!!!

Cheers, and
see you at the Homegrown Music and Arts Festival!!
- Pamela + Dylan

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