May 5, 2011

Love your Momma!

In honor of the lovely mommas everywhere we've collected a few of our favorite mom-centric goodies from our Dowdy Wagon and placed them all here for your viewing pleasure. If you're a mom and like something you see here, nudge those kiddos of yours to come visit the Dowdy Wagon this weekend at Good to go Taco in East Dallas and buy you a special gift for your special day. Don't worry non-moms, you can get your hands on these goodies too. It's always a good time to spoil yourself a little too.

Foxy Fox and I Heart you a Latte coaster sets, because you don't want to leave drink rings on the coffee table.

Double Vision screenprinted handmade pillow, because mom always wants the whole family to be comfortable and stylish at home.

Music is my Weapon screenprinted v-neck tshirt, because mom still knows how to rock after a long day of being an awesome mom lady.

Meet our mommas. Pamela's mommy on the left and Dylan's momma on the right at our wedding. Aren't they cutie pies!! We love you ladies.

Happy Mother's Day!
-Pamela + Dylan

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