May 3, 2011

Spring Bash Recap

The Third Annual Spring Bash was this past Saturday and we must say that it was A W E S O M E!!! This is our favorite show by far. Not only do we get to show our Dowdy Studio goods, but we also take a major active role in making this show come together.

Since we traveled to this show sans-Wagon, we had to tap into our creativity and think up a brand new display. We brainstormed together and came up with this awesome unfinished wood double decker table top with it's very own built in clothes line to hang tees. you can drop Dylan some kudos for building the whole thing and carrying it everywhere.

Just another shot of the whole display with our new pillows spewing out the bottom. Dylan even built the cash wrap, which we joked looked like a preacher's pulpit, and so we could preach about the handmade movement all day. We didn't do much actual preaching...or any at all, but we did meet lots of cool folks who came out to support the handmade artists. We love you guys!!
We didn't get much time to take shots of all our favorite finds from the day, but we know where to find them when we want them. Go here to check out all the handmade artists from the Spring Bash.

And if you want to see the three other pics we took from the event, check out our photos on Facebook. Give us a like too, cuz we like you too!

We'll be posting our faves on the blog soon, so come back :)
- Dylan + Pamela

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