May 25, 2011

Renegade Craft Fair Austin - Visual Recap

This past Saturday and Sunday we strapped on the Dowdy Studio Wagon and trotted down to Austin, TX for the Renegade Craft Fair! We snapped a few pics and had a great time in the capital city. 

Pre-show frenzy. The Palmer Events center was quiet right before 11am. You could hear the chatter of the artists and the last minute shuffling of artwork as we eagerly awaited the doors to open.

 Hi to Cheyne and Thomas from Cut Out and Collect, a couple of our dear Dallas friends.

Next to the Dowdy Studio Wagon were some more familiar faces from f is for frank showing off their jewelry designs.

Next to f is for frank, we found Loop + Lil, a children's designer, and Silas Tom, a print artist. They're both from Dallas too, which made our corner of the room the Dallas Contingent.

We saw a couple of familiar faces, Handmade Julz, who moved to Portland from Dallas and Studio Erico, who also migrated to Austin from Dallas. It was like a little Dallas reunion seeing these ladies again. 

The booths and artists seemed to go one for miles in the large convention center. There was so much to see and shop. If you missed it, go see the artist page here.

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