May 4, 2011

Exciting finds at the Spring Bash

What's even better than being an artist in the Spring Bash is shopping the Spring Bash! This Bash hosted some of the most awesome talent from Dallas and beyond. We'd like to share with y'all our favorites:

This is one of Pamela's Oklahoma artist faves, Christine Sharpe-Crowe. We met her first at the Girlie Show in Oklahoma City, and it was art-crush at first site. Everything she makes is exceptionally beautiful and would look great all over our walls....yours too!

An up and coming designer you are definitely going to want to keep an eye on is Rachel Elise. She is a returning Bash artist from Denton who is never lacking in modern style and hip designs. We were so lucky to drool all over her designs at the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash, and we have been drooling ever since. If we talk about ourselves drooling anymore for her bags, she might just have to install a sneeze guard on her booth. No, we're kidding...but no, seriously we're not.
Pamela loves South Side on Lamar, the Spring Bash venue. Not only is this the location of her very first EVER craft show back in 2007 (she even made her own graphics for it), but this place breathes awesome, and has become home to so many new and exciting artsy things since then. If you haven't been. GO!!! You will be like "OMG! I LOVE IT", and you better bring a camera. Everything, from it's history as the old Sears building, to it's rooftop pool and view of Dallas, to it's original exposed brick and old metal delivery doors are truly unique.

Dylan thinks sometimes man jewelry can be pretty cool. These tie clips from EstieMade, an artist new to the Bash, are just that, cool! Ok, maybe a little more than cool. What can we say. WE LOVE THEM!

Another new artist, who kept the music in the Gallery space we were in up beat an on it's toes was Revisionist Designs from Dallas. Not only did they take old camera parts and make unbelievably cool jewelry out of them, but they also rocked it with these Soundcases. Each one is a portable vintage suitcase with a powerful sound system built in. A W E S O M E!!

We first met the super nice guy behind TOOMASOOBA at the Indie Genius bazaar in Oak Cliff (read his blog for the recap). Mr Jeremy Johnson is the mastermind behind this creatively bold brand. Every mastermind knows that every person has feet, and what's better than boring plain feet is feet wearing awesome socks with cool illustrations on them!

Dylan always likes Pamela randomly posing in the Etsy Dallas Photo Booth with her best dress and hat. We think she's trying to fly away, or dance, or summon a pterodactyl.....either way, not good.....or so not good that it's soooo really good.

Cheers everyone!
-Pamela + Dylan

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