Apr 13, 2011

We heart DIY!

We've found some great DIY projects around the interwebs today. Hope you like them and get a chance to try them out. Let us know what you make. We love seeing other people's projects!

DIY Glass Jars With Prints from the book Poster Craft.
Recreated by Ellie Snow from Mint Design Blog.
Found originally on Mint Design Blog

We fell in love with these DIY jars right off the bat. Ellie did a great job of making bold black graphics make some very beautiful pieces. We would love to make some to decorate our kitchen window with. Imagine multi colored glass jars sitting in a kitchen window dancing with the morning sunlight and reflecting colors all over the room as you sip your morning coffee.

Project by Brittany from House that Lars Built
Found Originally on Oh Happy Day

Pamela is obsessed with DIY paper flowers. We made a ton out of crape paper for our wedding last fall, and loved making them. Truth be told though - Dylan is better at making paper flowers than Pamela. So we were super happy to see this cute little paper corsage DIY. We thought these would be so cute for a wedding instead of real flowers or just as a cute home accent. Maybe we should make a few of these with stems to put in our glass jars!!!

Created by Tsuki of Little Gray Fox
Originally found on the Little Gray Fox Blog

Something a little less feminine are these cool little DIY desert terrariums. Dylan thought it would be cool to find a bunch of these plastic animals and hand paint them all kinds of neon colors, then place them in the cactus plants. He also suggested throwing in some large nuts and bolts. We love these because the possibilities are pretty limitless.

Have fun crafting!
-Pamela + Dylan

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