Apr 3, 2011

A beautiful weekend at Bolsa Cafe

Our first solo Dowdy Studio Wagon gig pulled up Saturday afternoon at Bolsa Cafe in Oak Cliff. Saturday was so fun, that we decided why not come back for Sunday brunch too? So we did and we loved it.

Some shots from the weekend:

Our handmade jewelry and prints with the cool rugged Bolsa sign in the background. Many people were shocked this weekend to find out that we actually make everything in our shop from start to finish....including the shop! We had a great time telling everyone the story behind the each piece and about the Wagon too.

Dylan rocked his new musical unicorn design. We're working very hard to get all our new designs online soon. We hear rumors of a photoshoot this week.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We enjoyed your company and meeting lots of new faces. Hope to see you again soon at one of our upcoming events. Also if you're hungry and in Oak Cliff, do go into Bolsa and grab a bite to eat. YUMMMM!!!!

-Pamela + Dylan

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