Apr 11, 2011

Indie Genius Bazaar Recap

Last Saturday and Sunday we spent both lovely days in the IndieGenius parking lot on 7th and Zang with a bunch of cool artist folks + friends in our Dowdy Studio Wagon. We have a permanent small boutique space inside Indie Genius, but thought we'd have some fun and set up the Wagon outside too.

Here's some shots we took at the beginning of the event. We really wish we had more time to shoot more, but we got a little carried away just enjoying ourselves and meeting awesome people.

Our new chalkboard sign got it's first debut on the door of the Dowdy Studio Wagon all weekend.
There were lots of cool vendors. Must give a shout out to my Etsy Dallas peeps: Signifying Not, ReGeared, Karmacrocket, 2Enju who were all there and a special shout out to our friends from F is for Frank. They all rock'd it as usual.

Justin + Lindsay had the cutest lively bundle of fluff. The lovely Milo, waltzed in the Wagon and started shopping even before his parents knew what was going on. I think he was kinda bummed to find we didn't have any tees in his size, but we think he still had a good time.

Thanks for stopping by our blog guys! We hope to see you soon at the next Dowdy Studio Wagon event. We'll be at Oak Cliff Earth Day this Sunday from 12-5pm.

Hi!!! - from Dylan

Did you say food?

We didn't take this pic. We actually pulled it from the Bees Enchiladas facebook page, but we wanted to inlude a little shout out for our new favorite enchilada house. Bees, is just a skip across the street from Indie Genius, so we indulged in their tasty offerings. i'm sure everything on the menu is great, but may we suggest: try their mushroom and spinach enchilada's with avocado sauce (Pamela's fave) and the brisket enchilada with blanco queso (Dylan's fave).


-Pamela + Dylan


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I was a vendor (Blossom Shop) at Indie Genius Bazaar when I first learned about your company. Love the trailer! I just did Lakewoodstock this past weekend and I had TWO customers in my tent at the same time both wearing shirts from Dowdy Studio! They went on and on about how great the material is and how much they love your stuff! Just wanted to explain why your ears were burning on Sunday :)

  2. Hey Karin, aw thanks for sharing. wow! that's so cool. :) We hope you had fun at Lakewoodstock!! We hear it's such a fun event. See you around
    -Pamela + Dylan