Apr 21, 2011

He likes/She likes

We enjoy a good interweb stroll and love when we find things that make us incredibly happy inside. We wanted to share with you a few artists images we found that made us fall head over heels....or head over stomachs.

Slinkachu, a artist from the UK, creates street art, but a little differently than just whipping out the cans of spray paint and covering a side of a building. Instead he places tiny figurines around rough urban areas, creates a usually playful, but sometimes melancholy interaction between the two, then he captures the moment in a beautiful photograph. Pamela finds Slinkachu's work to be quite charming, humorous, and well though out. See more of his work here.

This art pretty much stopped Dylan in his tracks. I mean what's more appealing than a big slab of texas shaped steak to really draw you in. MEAT America is brought to you by photographer and artist Dominic Espiscopo as he explores the spirit of America through icons and symbols made of meat. Go see the Elvis tenderloin and check out more of his work here.

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