Apr 20, 2011

Printing the Bash Bags for the Spring Bash!

We do a ton of work putting on the Spring Bash and Jingle Bash in Dallas each year. One of our favorite things to do to help get ready for the big day is to print the Bash Bags. These are 50 canvas bags stuffed full of handmade goodies for the first 50 shoppers to receive...for free! Heck yeah!!
For this Spring Bash Pamela made the artwork for the bags and Dylan screenprinted them in our little 2 car studio. We say 2 car studio, because our studio is actually converted from our old two car garage.
What's great about printing in the Studio is that we can open up a whole wall to the outside on nice days like today with just a click of a button. We sure will miss that if we ever move to a different studio.

After Dylan prints the Bags, they get to sit and dry. These are the back sides of the bags with our top sponsor, South Side on Lamar and our logo. This is like their beauty rest before they're big reveal.

If you're interested in getting your hand on a Bash Bag, do make sure you are at the Spring Bash extra early. We have people wait in line hours before we open our doors to get their hands on these babies. Also hit up the Bash website for all the exciting Spring Bash info.

We'll see ya there on Saturday April 30th!

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