Apr 18, 2011

Oak Cliff Earth Day - Recap

This weekend the Dowdy Studio Wagon was at Oak Cliff Earth Day in Lake Cliff Park. We love this park!!! It's beautiful and so well kept. This was our 3rd Earth Day celebration to take part in in Oak Cliff. Pamela was at the ones in '08 and '09 as Pamela Michelle, so it was great to finally be able to do one together as Dowdy Studio.

Were still grooving on the new sign, but we think we need to make a couple more that say "Come on in" or "We don't bite....hard" to put on the other doors. We're noticing that people aren't quite sure if they can actually come in the Dowdy Studio Wagon or not. Well, ya can guys. Come on in and have a dance party with us in there. What do you think our signs should say? Tell us in the comments.

The park was in full bloom with all kinds of lovely flowers. To get this shot I actually laid down in a bed of flowers (not on the flowers...don't worry, they're okay). When i got up, I realized people were watching me.....probably concerned for my mental health(?)......but I just shot up and waltzed off like it was normal...cuz everyone does that, right?

There was lots of fun tents all over the park! We didn't get to do much exploring, but we lived through the rest of the event through the tales of our Wagon visitors. One adorable little gal told us that the animal rescue booth was giving away rubber duck-i-corns for $1 donations after seeing our Musicorn tee. I didn't believe in the magic duck-i-corn until she showed us the proof.
Told ya, the park is beautiful!

Ok, so back to the duck-i-corn, my good amiga Stephanie, and I (Pamela) have some weird childhood crazy girl obsession with unicorns, so the duck-i-corn totally made our day.

Stephanie also has a biz, called Tefi. She makes cool stuff. Check her out!

If you missed us at Earth Day, have no fear we'll be at Bolsa Cafe next weekend. Come see us and say hi!


  1. Oh look. There's my display. Yeah, the one that blew over 5 times. The one Pam picked up 5 times. Way to go, wind.


  2. Ha! Duckicorn :)

    I love when people think you are weird for taking pictures. It's one of the only completely acceptable times to still get to be a kid as an adult- wallering around in gardens or climbing trees....

    Looks like y'all had a beautiful day!