May 23, 2012

Dowdy presents: A Tasteful Pairing

We're taking the Dowdy Studio Wagon to the 3rd Annual Homegrown Music and Arts Fest this Saturday, May 26th and we thought we'd help you pair up some tasty tee selections with a few of the bands that will be blasting awesome from the stages.

We also want to know which Dowdy tee you'd pair with yoru fave band. Leave us a comment down below to let us know. Cheeeeeers! - Dylan + Pamela

Ume gives you what your ears are hungry for - solid upbeat sound with awesome natural vocals that make that rock'n noise that makes you want to dance and sing all over.

Music is my Weapon
The Bright Light Social Hour mixes folk, blues and indie in a bowl of awesome and knows how to pour on the jam. With all those musical weapons, this band can save the world.

Hayes Carl serves up a delicious amount of folk that'll make you grab that jug of whiskey and scream FOLK YEAH!

Super Ride
Listening to Mystery Skulls not only makes our mouth water, but makes us feel like we have enough power and energy to ride the Super Ride

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  1. Anything goes good with my boy Hayes Carll.