May 9, 2012

Project: Granada Theater

One of the awesome things about being artists is getting to work on some really unique projects. A while back the Granada, a popular, iconic and historic music venue here in Dallas, asked us to design a tee for them to sell on location during concerts. The Granada has been around since 1946, so many people have come to love it dearly, and many people want to show their love on their body. Since tattoos are permanent and expensive, tees are probably the next best thing.  

Here's what we made!! After countless sketching and working on multiple ideas and directions, we came up with this hybrid of the Granada's neon marquee sign and a guitar, symbolizing bands and music. We felt it was a really great connection between the venue and what people go there to enjoy. 

After seeing the final tee printed and done, we gave it a little test run. Dylan tried it out while walking Pepper, our new pup. Ok ok... this was a total light test run. We really need to go wear them to a show and rock out in it. But seriously, this is a super comfy solid black tee and only $25, coming soon @ the Granada

We love it, and we hope you do too!! Which Granada show would you like to wear this tee to?

Let us know in the comments v v v

-Pamela + Dylan

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