May 14, 2012

You can wear Brew Riot!

You may remember our Brew Riot tees we made last year. Well this year the organizers asked us to make bad-assed tees again for this year's Brew Riot, and we were over the moon excited to create a new Brew Riot tee...cuz we love anything local....especially home brewed beer! YUM!

We designed and printed all the tees for the event and will have them for sale only at Brew Riot for $15 a pop. Come by the Wagon at Brew Riot to get yours. 

These are 100% cotton Gilden tees, in mens sizes S, M, L, and 2XL. In the image above, Dylan is ready to fill up his mug in the large and Pamela is chug-a-lugging in the small. 

Join us!!
Sun, May 20
Come visit the Wagon to get your official Brew Riot tees made by us!

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