May 15, 2012

Sound Bear for KXTeeeee!

We joined forces with one of our fave local radio station, 91.7 KXT, to help them with their fundraising campaign this Spring. We designed a tee for them and we're calling him the Sound Bear. He's a musical bear who's just popped out of hibernation for the Spring and is ready to RRRRRRRRAWK with his acoustic guitar and speaker belly.

We hope you like him! Check out the KXT's fund raising page to see how you can get your hands on a beary awesome tee!!

Reposted from KXT's blog

Married couple, Dylan and Pamela Dowdy, are the artist duo behind Dowdy Studio and the Dowdy Studio Wagon, Dallas’ first mobile art shop. They also designed the all new KXT Spring Fundraising Campaign T-Shirt below!

Together they design, illustrate and handmake everything in their shop, from quirky screenprinted tees, pillows and bags, to graphic wooden jewelry, art prints, clocks, and more. All their artwork features their own hand-drawn illustrations, like the Lumberjack Mer Man (the unemployed lumberjack of the sea) and Grand Whale (an irregular hybrid of a musical whale and a grand piano). The dynamic duo pop up in their Dowdy Studio Wagon in a variety of restaurants, local venues, festivals and events in the DFW area and beyond. The two artists enjoy meeting great people in great places, sharing their passion for independent art and design with others.
Photo by Shevaun Williams.

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