Sep 30, 2011

Adventure in Dallas!

Hey! We're showing you this awkward couple photo we took this morning to kick off our photo tour of our anniversary day date. Pamela played hooky from work, so we could have all day filled with adventure and no formal plans. It stared with a big hearty breakfast at Good 2 Go Taco and liquid energy at Cultivar Coffee, then a quick peek at the construction of Good Friend Beer Garden next door.

After breakfast, we decided to head over to Dallas' Filter Building on White Rock Lake, the place we wedded and reminisced about our big fun day a year ago.

Looking at the old renovated Filter Building reminded Dylan of some old houses her saw once while driving by South Side on Lamar and Lee Harvey's. So we decided to go check them out. Turns out it was the Dallas Historical Village, once Old Dallas Park, and you only had to chip in nine bucks to go walk around and see all the historic buildings they have collected from around the Dallas area.

We had a great time and took 131 pics. Here's just a few:

 A wagon!!!

 Dylan demonstrating his train ticket selling skills. 

 We can't not mention all the awesome old wallpaper we spied. 

 We met a Donkey. He was sweet, but sadly we couldn't take him home with us. 

 More awesome wallpaper detail.

 We decided this one house would be a great place for a horror movie. 

 It creeped Dylan out so much that he started haunting the house himself.

 Then we went to school.

 Pamela answered all the questions right. 

 She even got to lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

 Then so did Dylan.

 Some doorways were tall.

Some doorways were small. 

 We found a Saloon!!! But no one was serving beers in there. 

Just bears.....?  

 We got to play in the general store. 

 And had a few giggles at some of the old signs. Brownie pills!!!!!

All in all super fun dream adventure anniversary date!!!! YAY!

-Pamela + Dylan

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  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I remember going to Old Dallas Park on a field trip in elementary school. I definitely need to go back.