Sep 20, 2011

Just a Peek: Welcome to our home

Ever wonder where we make all our handmade jewelry? Well, here. This is our jewelry studio and tee storage room in our home. Most people would use this room as a spare bedroom, but not us. We take any extra square inch of our home to support our art addiction. Because we love it! 

This is the work station. Usually you can find Pamela hanging out in here burning away on wood pendants or painting intricate details on wood rings. 

Photo from the 3rd Annual Jingle Bash by Lauren Allen Photography

We got a bulletin board to hang important documents and be more officey....but that didn't happen. We just pin up fun things we acquire or make, like little doodle sketches.

Like the pin board, there's one shelf above the desk that is dedicated to fun stuff. This has become home to delicate little wood sculptures that have been passed down through our families or found, and lots of other random things we love.


On the opposite wall of the desk, we've hung some of our favorite prints. We didn't have frames to put them in, and didn't want to pin them to the wall, so we searched the house for other random objects to hang them with. A binder clip, a clip board and a pants hanger came in very handy. 

Hope you enjoyed our studio tour. We'll post more pics of out little home soon. 

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