Oct 3, 2011

Mer Jack - swimming on a new shirt color

Over the weekend our burly sea buddy, the Mer Jack, got a little make over. Think of it as we plucked him from his merry hole in the sea and gave him a giant new shiny ocean to swim in. Or actually, we just gave him a new royal blue tee to live on.

This is a super soft tri-blend tee, which makes it super soft and comfortable. Think of that vintage band tee you stole from your parents back in the day......oh, you didn't steal one....well, there's still time. Get to it, or just grab one of our tees.

We asked the Mer Jack what he thought of his new home. His response was hard to hear because he was 1. under water and 2. we think he might speak french. But all in all we think he's happy about his new home and shirt color.

-Pamela + Dylan

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