Sep 2, 2011

Made it to Seattle!!

It's been one hella journey from Texas, the oven of the south, to Seattle, a cool place we've never been, and we're not even half way through it. 

This is our buddy James, aka our ship captain, aka One-Up Designs, aka the one who knows where stuff is in Seattle, because he used to live there.

He showed us this yummy place, which by the way has the best scones and coffee of this fine city.

We also ate burgers in a restaurant made out of a boat. And they were awesome!

Then Dylan's hand spring a leak....luckly in front of a huge water fountian, so no one noticed. :) He made it look natural.

We're so excited to begin Saturday with a 3 day music festival, Bumbershoot!!! We brought lots of fun tees for Seattle music lovers to enjoy, so we hope they like them. See you guys soon!

-Pamela + Dylan

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