Sep 17, 2011

Friday at Bolsa - tour de pix

Hey guys! We thought we'd just take ya on a little camera phone tour of Friday night in the Wagon at Bolsa Cafe!

This week Dylan built a new awning for the Wagon that wards off rain drops. We knew there would be a chance of rain on Friday, so we planned ahead to make the Wagon rain proof. 

Our Wagon drawers hold our prints all in a clear plastic sleeve backed with matte board and signed by us. Shown here is the Mer-Jack on 5x7, Hello Day on 8.5x10 and I heart U a Latte on 11x14. And hiding down below is our Yee Haw Kitty on a purple pillow. MEOW!

Pamela's wooden necklaces hang above the prints. Each one is hand carved and painted, making them all original pieces of art for your neck.

Our tees were out in full force. We've been working away in the studio all week to stock up on all our sizes and designs. This one is called the Super Ride. It's an eco friendly mode of modern transportation, and it's the long as the wind is blowing, of course. It comes on mens crew necks and lady v-necks, like the one shown.  

As it got darker on Friday, the rain snuck in with it. Dylan's new awning worked it's magic and kept out that pesky wet rain. Now if only we could bottle it up and go pour it on people's lawns and trees.

Friday was a blast, and we were happy to hang out with lots of great people. We'll be at Bolsa Cafe all weekend, so swing by, grab some amazing food and drinks and come shop the Wagon. 

-Pamela + Dylan

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