Jun 12, 2012

Fun with the furry friend

We've been doing a little home remodeling at the Dowdy house. Now that our studio is out on it's own and not living at home anymore, making messes, staying up late drinking all the coffee, and leaving the refrigerator door open all the time, we have the chance to make a different kind of mess, and pretend like we're remodeling. 

With home redoings comes fresh new cardboard boxes. Fresh cardboard boxes draws in curious cat friends, and after 12+ hours of manual labor and mess making, we get a little goof-crazy and bust out the sharpie and box cutter and play a game we're calling fancy cat box kitty. It's fun. The original inspiration came from somewhere on the interwebs, but we'll include directions below so you can play too.  

First, gather materials - Box, box cutter, marker, curious kitty (we used Chester, our kittintern) , and a camera phone.

Second - cut cat-sized hole in box and draw a kitty body on it. Add un-kitty accessories, like bow tie, talk bubble, garden party hat, boat, sandwich, braids, antlers, etc.

Third - put cat in box
Fourth - enjoy the hours of fun!

-Useful tip- 
Cat works better inside box

ok, have fun!
-Pamela + Dylan

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