Jun 22, 2012

Open Studio Times!

Open Studio Week
Wednesday - Saturday, Jun 20 - 23
Wed & Thurs: noon - 4pm
Friday: noon - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Suite G
*behind Good 2 Go and Goodfriend on Peavy Rd*
Swing by, say hi, shop and hang out. You can shop the Wagon, our sale shelf or order up a custom tee with your fave Dowdy illustration on whatever color tee you pick. We also have our sale shelves for you to go through with lots of old styles, test prints, and discontinued designs. Each sale tee is only $15. Woo!

Check out some of the things we've been doing this week and pics from studio: 

This pic is kinda dark, but you can see the Wagon to the right, our yellow sale shelves in the back and a little lounge/brainstorm couch on the left. 

This week we made a batch of coasters for the drinks. After Dylan cuts each one out of wood, he sands them down to a naked state, then gets them ready for the fun part, screenprinting.

We even give the finished coasters a test run.  

We made some new wooden jewelry pieces recently. They're on a long antiqued bronze chain, which goes great over any tee. And if you like 'em shorter, we got our jewelry tools in the studio, and can make all that happen. Like magic!

 Hope to see ya at the studio this week. We're open today from 1-6pm, and Saturday from 9am - 4pm.

The MerJack is ready for your close up!

-Pamela + Dylan

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