Jan 3, 2012

Kicking out the Studio

Sorry we've been so quiet here lately. If you follow us on the facebook or the twitter, you might have heard us jumping up and down and screaming about us finally moving Dowdy Studio into a real studio!! YEAH!!! So no more working out of our red home studio garage and spare bedroom, no more tracking inky blobs throughout the house, and no more running back and forth from the house to the garage to print tees and make things happen.

Right now, our tee storage and jewelry making room are in our spare bedroom, our printing station and drawing area are in our studio garage, and the Wagon hangs out on our back patio. Meaning if we're printing a truckload of tees, and forget to grab a small tee off the shelf....we've got to run all the way through the house to the spare room to grab it, then back. It makes for a wonderful cardio workout, but not so great for running an art studio. If you're familiar with any artists, you might be aware of this already, but we have short attention spans and can easily get distracted. Kittens!! <---see? So going from the garage to the spare bedroom to the patio can sometimes be a longer distraction that you'd think.

We're excited to kick out the studio from our home, and relieve ourselves of the cardio triangle that is our lives now, and move everything to our new space in Dallas, where everything can live in one big space.

Below are some shots of what we're working with now, we'll be sure to update soon with photos of the new space and the fun projects we're working on.

  (photo by Dowdy Studio)
The Dowdy Studio Wagon hanging out on the back patio.  See our patio set sadly watching the Wagon take it's spot in the background?

Pamela's sewing and jewelry making table in our supply closet of a spare bedroom. 

  (photo by Sara Kerens for the Dallas Observer Mix Master)
Tee screens hanging on the wall of our red studio garage. 

Dylan printing tees in the drafty studio we built into our red detached garage. 

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