Mar 5, 2012

Wagon Makeover!!

The Dowdy Studio Wagon got a makeover last week. We stayed up late and worked long hours to completely rip out all the Wagon's guts and rebuild them ourselves. After a full year of rolling around town in our mobile shop, we saw a few areas that needed improvement, and we were just ready for a new coat of paint color to freshen up the small space. 

The back wall brightened up with a nice teal color for some fun pop! We trimmed down the size of our check out counter to make more room for shopping fun, and gave it a nice glossy white paint job. Our necklaces on the back wall are hanging on upside down repurposed wood hangers, that have seen better days in the Wagon. We loved making those, it felt great to save some money and reuse something that could have been thrown away. 

This is our pride and joy of the whole redesign. We finally put all the tees on one side of the Wagon, and built the display around a simple organization system - girls on one side and boys on the other. Now it's so much easier to find that Dowdy design you've been after, and we think it looks pretty dang cool too!

Our biggest challenge with the redesign was to make more space in the Wagon. with only 72 sqft, we don't have much space for bulky large shelves and bins, so we built up and narrow, and now have tons of room. There's at least another half a dance floor in the Wagon now!! yay!

We'd love to invite you to come see it in person. We're having a party at the Studio this Friday from 5-8pm. Join us for beers, and food trucks. Or swing by the White Rock Local Market on Saturday for some fresh food goods and more artists and crafters.

-Pamela + Dylan