Mar 19, 2012

Photo Contest Fun!

Howdy Dowdy Studio fans! We have something fun for you!!

Grab any Dowdy Studio item you own, and show it off in this chance to win more free Dowdy. Yay! Contest starts last Friday, and goes on through this Friday, so if you have already posted a pic of you with your Dowdy on our facebook page, then you've already entered. There's no limit to how many pics you can enter, so if you own 5 of our shirts, 3 of our prints and a clock, go ahead and show them all off. We love to see 'em!!

Winners wil be announced on our facebook page Friday March 23rd. Yes, WINNERS!! That means two people will get their choice of fresh new Dowdy tees. We'll even ship it to you, no matter where you long as you have an address.

So get your glamor shots ready, poof that hair and practice your poses. Ohhh la la.

Here's our facebook page, if you missed the link. Like us! We like you!

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