Mar 30, 2012

Open Studio - and New Dowdy!!

The Dowdy Studio is open today, and we have lots of new items and designs we'd love you to come see.

 We made this Mer-Jack buddy, the Mer-Bear, one of our newest designs. He comes on a ladies white tank and a mens' vintage gray tee. He's also down to party with his underwater one bear accordion band.

Drink Local got a punch of red and is ready for your summer fun on our new burnout razor back tanks.
Swing on by the studio today to see our other new tanks and new designs. 

Open Studio 
Fri, Mar 30
Suite G

*behind Good 2 Go and Goodfriend on Peavy Rd*
Swing by, say hi, shop and hang out. The studio will be open to the public, so bring your friends, and feel free to request custom prints. We're putting out our SALE BIN too! All sale tees are $15 each and include old styles and designs, misprints, and orphan tees. 


  1. Ooh! Love both new designs! I would definitely buy the Drink Local tank!

  2. Love!

    Also, I mentioned y'all on over at my little blog: