Mar 18, 2012

So much green so much awesome!!!

Thanks everyone who came out and got their lucky St. Patty's Day tee printed with Dowdy! I hope you all had a cheery green day and a hellalotta freaking fun!!

 Some of you guys sent in your Patty's Day pics to us on facebook, so we thought we'd share them all here! Jarod, here, topped off his Drink Local tee with a dapper bow tie and rock'n plaid hat. LOVE!!

 The duo from Red Ranger Ray Guns twinned it up in matching Drink Local tees! These guys are awesome!! They also make some sweet ray guns. Check 'em out, here, and be their friends here.

 Even the Foxy Fox got a little extra Foxy on green.

And our manliest man of the Mandom - the Viking Wood Beard, got a little festive for drink green beer day. He went home with the rockstar owner of Lotus Yoga for her hubs. Very cool!

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